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Marie France's TriPollar firms and smoothens arms and tummy

Each SlenderArm TriPollar treatment takes only about 45 minutes, depending on the area being treated, and there’s no downtime.

MANILA, Philippines - Marie France brings great news to all women who have protruding bulges or even lax skin in their midsections following pregnancy as it introduces another innovation in non-invasive tummy flattening: TriPollar Tummy.

TriPollar Tummy uses the third generation radio frequency technology for body contouring. It works by selectively heating the fat cells in the deep and superficial adipose layers simultaneously. Heating the fat cells increases the natural metabolism and the release of fat for easy burning. It also promotes collagen production to tighten and firm up the skin. The result: The fat cells shrink in size, leaving the tummy tighter, flatter, and smoother. 

TriPollar Tummy smoothens, contours, tones, and lifts. It helps trim jiggly flabs, shrinks protruding paunch and tightens loose, wrinkling skin in the tummy area that most women get after giving birth. It’s the perfect solution for ladies who dream of having flatter, firmer waistlines or even for moms who want to smoothen and tighten their post-natal belly bulge.    

Safe, Easy, and Surgery-Free

No nips, no tucks! You can be sure that there are no injections, incisions or anesthesia required. With its selective fat-burning technique, no tissues or blood vessels get damaged. TriPollar Tummy is done while you’re comfortably lying down. You’ll only feel a mild heating sensation during the treatment. Clients who have tried it have likened the experience to a hot-stone massage.

Fast, Without Any Downtime

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A typical treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. It’s so quick, you can have it while you’re on your lunch break. And there’s no recovery period. Some may experience mild redness in the treated area, but this is just transient and will disappear within one to two hours. The focused energy of the TriPollar enables the use of low power for tissue heating, resulting in a safe and very pleasant treatment experience. You can immediately resume your normal activities right after the treatment. It’s as easy as that!

Real, Visible Results

TriPollar treatments have been proven to tighten and re-contour the skin on the tummy and reduce tummy circumference. Soon, you’ll be able to effortless squeeze into your skinny jeans and get a flattened and toned tummy in no time! No more puson, love handles, muffin top or post-natal flabby belly. Plus your skin will be tightened and firmed up.

Call 894-BODY (2639), Cebu at (032) 233-7637, and Pampanga at (045) 961-2981 for a free consultation. 

The Nagging Problem of Sagging Arms

On the other, Marie France also lends women a hand when it comes to another nagging body problem — sagging arms — via its SlenderArm TriPollar, the newest breakthrough in non-invasive fat reduction. Marie France’s SlenderArm TriPollar especially targets the sagging flab in the back of the arms, one of the most stubborn areas to hold body fat, resulting in a bat-wing-like appearance.

Using the unique and specially designed tri-polar radio frequency technology, the SlenderArm TriPollar targets stubborn fat in the back of the arms painlessly and effectively. It reduces ugly bat-wing arms, minimizes excess fat on the bra line, and tones jiggly inner thighs. It tightens and recontours the skin to prevent sagging after fat reduction. It increases metabolism and the release of fat for use as energy.

With the new, third generation tri-polar radio frequency, focused energy selectively heats the fat cells, so it is virtually painless. There is also no need for skin cooling during the procedure. In fact, only a very mild heating sensation will be felt during the treatment. Then, the fat is dissipated through normal processes. In addition, there is an increase in metabolism for continuous loss even after the treatment.

No Scars, No Recovery

And there’s no downtime; sessions take only 45 minutes (depending on area). The advantages of this treatment are there are no scars, no surgery, and no recovery. It can re-shape ugly bat-wing arms, and even tone up a flabby bra line and jiggly inner thighs.

SlenderArm TriPollar can also be used for hard-to-reach areas such as the inner thighs and the bra line.

For Slender ArmTriPollar, call Marie France at 894-BODY (2639).

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