The Christmas Vacation for Kids

(The Freeman) - December 18, 2015 - 9:00am

CEBU, Philippines – December, no doubt, is the most exciting month of the year. And all the more because it is already that time of the year! Imagine the gifts on their way from ninangs and ninongs. Who wouldn't be excited?

What makes Christmas more exciting is the long Christmas break. Yes, the vacation! A week away from school is just so relaxing, so liberating. It makes one open to enjoy all the fun holiday activities, and more time to spend with friends and family.

Children are the most excited. After all, it is said that Christmas is for children. So, kids, what are your plans for this Christmas break? Do you have ideas already on how you should spend it?

If your answer is "no," don't worry. Here are suggestions from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. on how to make the most of your Christmas.

Plan your vacation ahead of time. For your vacation not to get wasted, plan your vacation early. List all the things you want to do or experience this Christmas break. Start listing now and have fun! 

Do DIYs (Do-It-Yourself) stuff for Christmas. DIY, or Do-It-Yourself, is when you do things by yourself; it stimulates your creativity. One example of DIY you can do in relation to Christmas is to create your own Christmas ornaments. Try to be resourceful. You may search in the Internet about how to do certain ornaments. If you have no Internet access, then you only have your own creativity to rely on. Then take pride in the fruits of your efforts and display them.

Visit relatives in other places. The Christmas break is one of the best chances for visiting dear relatives. Visit your parents' hometown. Have fun conversation with your cousins and play with them. Visit your grandparents. Don't forget to kiss their hands as a sign of respect and be a good child to them. Showcase your talents to them and make them laugh. Your lolos and lolas would love it.  Aside, of course, that it makes them happy seeing you with your parents and siblings.

Make your own Christmas cards. Gather your coloring materials and make your own Christmas cards. A personalized Christmas card is one of the best gifts to give someone. Write your own words on the card, whatever you want to tell the person you intend to send every card to. Create your own designs; color them in whatever color you like. Draw a Christmas tree on it, or even Olaf, the snowman in the movie "Frozen." Make a card that's truly of yourself.

Attend the Dawn Masses or Simbang Gabi.  Christmas is our remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ, the very reason why we celebrate the occasion. To give honor to the Christ Child, a nine-day novena mass is offered, held nine straight nights before the Christmas. This has always been a cherished Filipino Christmas tradition. Go to Mass with your parents on as many nights as possible. But remember that you should pray at church and not play.

Go caroling with friends. Caroling around the neighborhood with your friends or cousins is much fun. Sing Christmas carols at neighbors' doors and earn gifts in whatever forms. If you have difficulty starting the activity, ask your parents or elders to help you. Surely, your parents have also tried caroling when they were young.

Donate old toys and clothes. Christmas is about sharing and giving, as it is about having fun. If you have old clothes or toys that you no longer need, give them to the poor children who cannot afford to buy their own. They recipients will surely appreciate your kind gesture. Remember: it is a good deed to share your blessings.

Be useful.  Do something nice and meaningful during Christmas. Do not just play with your tabs or iPods the whole time. Help your family prepare for Christmas. Or read books and such other useful materials. Discover new things. Use your time productively.

Save money. You will probably receive some money as Christmas gift. And there's money, too, to earn from your caroling with friends. Don't spend it all away.  Put some in a piggy bank as savings. Your parents will be happy and proud to know that you are developing the habit of saving money - and you are starting the foundation of your good financial future.

There are a lot more good things to do during the Christmas break. Great ideas often come up when you discuss the matter with your friends and elders.

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