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Victoria's Favorite Is No Secret

- Ruth Mercado -

CEBU, Philippines - It wasn't exactly because of its purple rind that the mangosteen is a favorite of Queen Victoria. Purple maybe the color of royalty, but what made Queen Victoria offer cash reward to anyone who could give her mangosteen is the fruit's super health benefits.

Other thing is Queen Victoria may have been as health and wellness conscious as you and me. Health is priceless.

Mangosteen – that fruit with purple rind and white flesh – is being tagged as ‘superfood’ because of its 40 different nutrients of xanthones that boost immune and respiratory systems of the human body. The fruit is especially beneficial to those suffering from asthma.

By the natural order of equilibrium, germs co-exist with man. But by God’s wonderful and mysterious creation, God put a network of lymph nodes, vessels, ducts and capillaries that create anti-bodies — warriors as you call it — to eliminate wastes from cells and defeat germs. The lymphatic system of the human body is a complex network that produces and transports lymph from various tissues to the circulatory system while eliminating wastes, getting rid of toxins and defeating other enemies of the body.

Yes the immune system and lymphatic system are elite teams of soldiers that keep invaders from attacking and taking over the body. Because these soldiers are deployed all over the body and linked to the brain, any invasion or threat made on the immune and lymphatic system can affect the state of mind. It is said that whether the intruder is a virus, bacteria or cancer generated by our own bodies, the lymphatic and immune systems destroy these.

Disruption of the lymphatic circulatory system can cause tissues to swell, weaken the immune system and cause inflammation. Science has shown that inflammation is the beginning stage of lymphatic diseases. Tonsillitis is an example of this.

Soldiers’ Secret

What keeps these soldiers strong, efficient and combat-ready are nutrients like antioxidants such as xanthone and other nutrients like flavones and flavonoids that help boost other antioxidants in the body. These assist the immune system in protecting the body and keeps it operating in top shape. The source of these nutrients that Queen Victoria was willing to pay for at whatever price is the mangosteen. It is no secret.

Eating a lot of processed foods and too much sugar can weaken the immune system. Drinking plenty of water, exercise and eating mangosteen either as a whole fruit or its juice can boost the immune system. Because it can eliminate toxins, mangosteen is also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Mangosteen has been used as medicinal treatment for diarrhea, skin infection and wounds in South Asia.

Still there are those who say that using only or eating only the fruit portion of the mangosteen will not provide all the benefits to boost the lymphatic system and avoid disease. Although the mangosteen fruit is not system-specific but pan-systemic that is, it is good for the whole body, studies show that the benefits of mangosteen are maximized in its peel. The outer rind or exocarp of the mangosteen are said to contain all the phytonutrients especially xanthones to get those soldiers in the body combat-ready. The rind is processed into xanthone or mangosteen juice.


There is no quick fix to good nutrition. The business of nutrition is to build a healthy body but Nature has to be the one to do it. Thing is, all the organs, bones, lymphs and even enamel of the teeth can be replaced, reconstructed and built entirely from the nutrients you eat. The tendency for pharmaceuticals is to suppress and manipulate the symptoms of disease and not the real issue of the disease.

Nutraceuticals or the taking in of nutrients or proper nutrition enables the body to heal itself. When the lymphatic circulatory system of the body lets your body go through a “correcting crisis” – like you feel sick — it is because it is cleaning your body from toxins and metabolic wastes. When your body has overcome the correcting crisis, it is a clear indication that your nutrition is working.

Nutraceuticals cannot be taken with an empty spirit. You have to believe in a lifestyle of taking only the best nutrients for your body and that includes, never having to eat those foods that threaten or destroy the immune system. Queen Victoria was willing to pay a high price for a mangosteen fruit. For you and me, mangosteen is just around the corner.












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