The final curtain
Antonio Claparols (The Philippine Star) - October 10, 2019 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — The saga continues. The systematic rape and destruction of our planet is way ahead of schedule. Pollution goes on unabated and the warming of the planet has reached disastrous proportions. Carbon dioxide emissions just keep on pouring in and have breached over 400 ppm.

What in heavens name are we waiting for? Are we waiting for the end of the world? It seems like it.

I would rather die fighting for a safe and healthy planet than die uselessly in a flash flood and drown or get blown away by a hurricane. Or better still, just die of thirst or starve to death. Can’t they feel the heat?

I see many new Arab springs in the making. I see people going to the streets and taking over, like the late Elinor Ostrom, the social economist and author of Governing the Commons, would tell us: we have to reclaim the commons back from the transnational corporations. She is absolutely right.

The global commons are ours and they are needed to sustain life in this planet – not for the consumption and thirst for power of a few evil and greedy interties.

The show must go on and the people must continue to live a life of wellness filled with food, water and clean air. Our oceans and forests need to be restored and the burning of fossil fuels must be stopped dead on its tracks.

Their time has come. Peak oil is here and must be eliminated. Why are we allowing oil to rule and power us to death? It is time to let the flowers grow and once again make the herds of the wild roam their migration paths.

Did you know that an octopus has three hearts and nine brains? That polyps build the greatest cities in coral reefs or that oceans absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen, like forests? No, you don’t, for very little has been taught to us in school. Perhaps on purpose to keep us from being one with nature.

All this talk about going green and renewable energies being done is rhetoric to me; it’s the same old song. Played back and recorded without a sense of meaning as far as I am concerned.

If nothing happens in the COP in New York, if no concrete action is taken to abate climate change, then I am afraid that we will all rise up and make our voices heard. Not with loud speakers and apps in smart phones but by taking?charge and steering the course of our lives and planet.

It is time to change our development model. It’s high time to change our leaders. Climate criminals must be jailed and stopped from further crimes against humanity.

Oh yes, I have seen the planet change. I have seen our forest felled and our coral reefs breeched. We have seen our fish catch dwindle and our species disappear. To plant and not harvest. To give back to Mother Earth what we took. To protect our environment and not destroy her. Before the final curtain drops.

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