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The transformation of Ian King to Angelina Mead King

For Joey Mead King and husband–now wife–Ian King, who just came out as a transwoman now known as Angie Mead King, love wins indeed.

MANILA, Philippines – The online and offline worlds were all abuzz when Ian King, scion of Victoria Court group of companies and a prominent figure in the motoring world came out on social media as Angelina Mead King, a purple haired woman wearing a dress. "Sometimes the king is a woman," said the husband of popular TV host and supermodel Joey Mead on a post released yesterday on an Instagram account named @hailtothe_queen_. 

Ian King's account is @hailtothe_king so when screencaps of @hailtothe_queen_'s identity on IG broke out on social media, a lot of questions were raised. People were intrigued who Angelina Mead King was. "Since people were already asking, we just decided to come out with it." And so the Instagram account @hailtothe_queen_  which was established from way back 2012 for close family and friends was all of a sudden set to public.

Ian Angelo King and Angelina Mead King are one and the same person–the man, now transitioning to be a woman who's married to Joey Mead. A lot of people were shocked about the news but based on posts from social media, the couple was met with so much love and support. "Overwhelmed by all the love," posted Joey Mead on her Facebook Sunday morning.

"It was a secret that I've kept for quite some time. I'm glad it's now out, so I don't have to explain myself anymore." They have been met with so much acceptance and support from friends and loved ones that on Sunday morning, Ian's car group hosted an informal welcome for Angie Mead King at Locavore at the Fort. Outside the Burgos Circle strip were more than a billion pesos worth of sports cars parked on both sides. Ian is an elite member of this predominantly alpha male group of luxury sports car owners, being the founder of Car Porn Racing and a car aficionado himself.

"What's a dream, I couldn't sleep from being so happy! Thank you to everyone for the love and support. You can't imagine what kind of weight has been lifted off my heart. I am excited to see you all soon" She wrote on her Facebook account, now as a trans-woman named Angie Mead, a tribute to his wife Joey who adores actress Angelina Jolie. 

"She's my rock. We've been through so much and I'm happy that we have decided to stick it out, no matter what happens," says Angie about her wife Joey in an exclusive interview for the Star. 

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"I fought hard–tooth and nail, blood sweat and tears for this relationship. Somehow it all breaks away. For what's life without w little bit of bizarreness?" Joey talks about what she went through to protect her wife Angie. 

More on our exclusive tell-all interview with Ian Angelo King or Angie Mead King, coming soon.

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