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20,000 toys in Mel & Joey

MANILA, Philippines - Tonight, GMA 7’s Mel & Joey directed by Louie Ignacio will introduce Percy Lugue who loves and will not part with his toys in Koleksyon subtitled Percy’s World of Toys. He now has more than 20,000 of those prized possessions.

Do you know there’s a new muscle disease called Pompe? In Pompe, Ang Sakit Na Di Okey medical experts will enlighten us on this and it features Kapuso Dickoy Magdaraog who relates the agony and pain he suffers as a Pompe victim. In Babala, pointers and first aid treatment for electrocution will be discussed so those who dare repair home appliances without proper know how or skill can take note.

Hosts Joey de Leon and Mel Tiangco will visit a café in Lipa, Batangas where we can taste the original kapeng barako and be amazed at the coffee tree trunks and stems adorning the place. TV host-party organizer Tim Yap invites you to his mansion which also serves as party place for Pinoy gimikeros and gimikeras.

In Balitaktakan, Mr. Fu and Shalala will debate on the topic Pagiging masayahin ng Pinoy, nakatutulong o nakasasama? Studio participants will join them.

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