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Capturing Philippine-Italian relations in new book

Ambassador Philippe J. Lhuillier has written a book of tales of Filipinos and Italians.

MANILA, Philippines - Ambassador Philippe J. Lhuillier, in his 10 years as a Philippine envoy to Rome, presents in one book the tales of Filipinos and Italians who in their own special way have helped establish goodwill between their respective motherlands.

Bayang Magiliw, Finding Bel Paese (Beautiful Country) reveals the dynamic relations between Italy and the Philippines. It gives readers a glimpse of how Filipino overseas workers have flourished in Italy through their sacrifices and shares the views of Italians who have left Italy and embraced the Filipino culture.

Lhuillier says, “Ever since I first thought about writing a book on my posting as Philippine ambassador to Italy, I have decided that this won’t be your usual personal memoirs. Instead, I have opted to let the people whom I have encountered do the storytelling. Each one has a story to tell. Each story is distinct and special.”

Featured are personalities such as Jose Tomas Cardinal Sanchez, Rosemarie Arenas, Preciosa Soliven, Margarita “Maimai” Cojuangco-Zini, Fr. Fernando Suarez, Margarita Fores, Impy Pilapil, Matteo Guidicelli, Fr. Jose VC Quilongquilong, Stefano Ziantonio, Renato Balestra, Dr. Fabio Fanfani, Jessie Rose Mabutas, Duddley Diaz, Leon Pacunayen, Lina Ciani, Boy Laungayen, Tomas Concepcion and Ramon Diaz, among others.

Proceeds from the book sales will go to the PJ Lhuillier Foundation which will set up a trust fund. Income from this fund will be used for scholarships for siblings and children of Italy-based OFWs.

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