Was Goliath a Palestine?

FROM FAR AND NEAR - Ruben Almendras - The Freeman

The ongoing battle/war in Gaza between the Israelis and the Hamas Palestinians after Hamas fighters fired rockets, crossed the borders shooting, killing, and kidnapping/hostaging, is now escalating. The Israelis have retaliated with missiles, rockets, drones, aerial sorties, and are now poised in the borders with tanks and heavy armor ready to start the ground assault. Over 3,000 have died from both sides including many non-combatant/civilian Americans, Europeans, Thais, Filipinos, and other nationalities. The Israeli military is asking the civilian Gaza inhabitants to move to the southern portion of Gaza, as the Israeli ground forces will be coming from the north. This is easier said than done, as there are over a million people in Gaza which is only 40 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide, making it densely populated. This is such an incredible situation that if this was/is not happening in real time and real life, it would make a great movie storyline.

Even if you had only half an ear following the news on radio, TV, the internet, print and social media, and have sorted out what is fact and fake news, what is real news and propaganda, we can realize that this conflict is so complicated and complex, it is difficult to put the blame on either side, making it also more difficult to resolve. The conflict between the Muslim Arabs and the Jews, to which this current war is related, have a 4,000-year span, traversing the time of kings Saul, David, and Solomon. Then through the founding of Christianity, the Crusades, the creation of Israel as a nation after WWII, the Gulf wars, and up to today. This Hamas-Palestine war with Israel is a big part of the written history of civilization.

Goliath was not a Palestine but a Philistine warrior from Greece who lived in the City of Gath, which coincidentally is now part of Gaza. There was no Palestine in the time of Goliath as Palestine was created/named by the Romans when they conquered the area. So, David did not start the fight between the Israelis and the Palestinians. In Palestine, then and now there are many religions, and some Palestinians are Jews. This is not a religious war but a territorial war.

This geo-political conflict became more complicated during the colonial expansion of the European powers and the two world wars. The hegemonic ambitions of China and Russia will add to this kind of territorial conflict.

A relevant and immediate issue in this Israeli-Hamas-Palestine war in Gaza is the use and impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The information, disinformation, fake news and propaganda are so thick, it is getting harder to cut through them. The atrocities and the genocidal incidents are so graphic, people are taking sides and demonstrating in major cities for or against the Israelis or Hamas-Palestine. Governments are also taking sides and will align eventually to one side. This is problematic as it could lead to a bigger conflict/war that will involve more countries. The political and economic implications of a bigger/wider war will be bad for many countries and for the world.

From the moral and governance perspective, the proximate cause of the current conflict is the unprovoked attack of Hamas-Palestine on Israeli territories. But, this is not totally unprovoked as Israel has been intermittently/consistently raiding the Gaza territory over the years.

I asked Chat GPT for an opinion on how this Israeli vs. Hamas-Palestine war will be resolved and it declined to give an answer. Either it does not have enough data yet on the war and has not done the data analytics, correlation, inference, induction and deduction, or artificial intelligence is not yet capable of addressing a real-time war.

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