A government run like hell

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Before Adolf Hitler started World War II he openly declared his ambition for territorial expansion:  Pursuit of ‘Lebensraum’ (living space) that would enable the Germans to become economically superior and militarily secure by brute power.

Today the Chinese use soft power in order to gain economic and military superiority. Their words are honeyed, seductive, embellishing, lulling, ingratiating, fawning, cajoling, but their target is similar: world domination. That is evidenced by Xi Jinping Thought with catchphrases like: a shared future in our common home for mankind, common prosperity for all peoples, a model for international cooperation. a shared common destiny in a peaceful, safe, secure, prosperous, beautiful and amicable world and Global Civilization Initiative.

The Chinese-declared foreign policy of ‘non interference’ is contradicted by their actions: The Djibouti Military Base, arming African strongmen, subversion in South America, acquisition of land near US military camps in order to spy on them. Efforts to sign mutual security pacts with small South Pacific nations like Kiribati, Vanuatu, Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Solomon, Fiji, Tonga and Papua New Guinea in order to gain access and find places for their deepwater ports.  Finally, their ‘string of pearls’ in the Indian Ocean and their Belt and Road Initiative that has reached Europe where in the Serbian capital Belgrade they have installed their surveillance cameras ready for face identification.

More obfuscating and misleading catchphrases are: Mutual respect, friendly coexistence, good neighborhood, beneficial cooperation, better social systems, spiritual harmony, free and comprehensive development, open and inclusive Chinese-style modernization, regional peace and stability, kinship and friendship for thousands of years, harmonious coexistence between nature and mankind, comprehensive dialog, strategic partnership, leapfrog development, the Asian family of nations with a shared future who help each other in the same boat.

We know that the Chinese are not helping Philippine boats, but ramming and watercannoning them! We suffered from the loss of Scarborough fishing grounds in 2012, from militarized artificial islands, from plundering the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone.

The Chinese conceal the party’s blunders by deleting inconvenient posts in social media by their ‘Great Firewall’ an automatic online censorship apparatus, they distort the truth, wipe out unpleasant events from history books and crackdown on dissenters. Some examples are:

The breach of contract after the return of Hong Kong and the ensuing oppression of the demonstrations and the burning of critical books and media.The forced labor camps in Xinjiang, theTiananmen Square massacre, organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and Uyghurs, inquisitive methods in police interrogations, oppressing of youth culture like the laying-flat movement, harassing private entrepreneurs, quarantining all Chinese peoples during the  Zero Covid policy, concealing the origin of the virus, oppression of demonstrators who are betrayed by real estate constructors like Evergrande, Country Garden and 78 others, demolition of vast neigborhoods without compensation. Taboo are topics like the misery caused by the Chinese Communist Party’s one-child policy resulting in 30 million left-over men, falling fertility rate to 1.09, accidents in coal-mines, the youth joblessness of 21 %, the unsufferable environment pollution of air, rivers and lakes and the investment of taxes into prestige projects like the nuclear arsenal or the Xiongan megalopolis fiasco where nobody wants to move in. This page is not big enough to enumerate all the blunders, misdeeds and crimes of the CCP.

Chinese wolf-warrior diplomates preach that China is a peace-loving country and has never started a war. They repeat the lie in the hope that after numerous repetitions people accept them as truth. Aggressive wars are: The incorporation of Inner Mongolia in 1947, the subjugation and forceful integration of Tibet in1950, the oppression of the Tibetan uprising 1959, the China-Burma border campaign 1960-61, the incorporation of East Turkestan into the Peoples Republic of China in 1960, the Sino-Indian war 1962, the Sino-Vietnamese war of 1979, the China-Indian clashes 1967, the Sino-Soviet border conflict 1969, the Sino- Vietnamese conflicts 1979 – 91, the China - India skirmishes 2020-21, the three Taiwan Strait Crises 1954,1958 and 1996 and all the hostilities and interferences in Taiwan’s innner affairs and finally the threatening to annex the Republic of China whose 23 million peoples adamantly want to enjoy their freedom in a democratic system.

The CCP representatives think that the Chinese are happy under their rule because 300 millions have been lifted out of poverty. But 1100 millions are still poor. Economy newly is crumbling and joblessness is high. But the worst reason for peoples’ unhappiness is the absence of human rights.

Maoism-inspired New People’s Army members, sympathizers and activists should recognize that the Philippines under a Chinese government were worse than hell.

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