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Lucky 21 Office Feng Shui Rules

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In one of those office feng shui consultation days, while meeting with fellow La Sallite Michael Estaniel, owner of TransGlobal Maritime Services, the idea of sharing office feng shui basics occurred to me as he brought out his office project checklist to discuss with his partner and contractor.  Immediately I sought his permission to obtain a copy citing what I had in mind for The Freeman readers and he readily agreed.

So here it is with my feng shui tips noted alongside!

1. Area. Note the shape or contour of the office space whether it is good feng shui or not. (Example: it might be shaped like a gun symbolizing death by the bullet for the owner or lessee!) Best to have lucky numbered office or site address!

2. Layout:

a.Reception Area. Locate and orient the main door to the principal's lucky feng shui directions. Choose only one by way of process of elimination based on area constraints.

b. Waiting Area. Choose lucky color interiors for wall and ceiling paint as well as furnishings. Avoid unlucky designs like octagonal tables or ceiling  designs or reception desk.

c. Staff Work Area. Make sure each staff sits in their lucky feng shui orientations at their work stations.

d. Manager. Site the manager always to the left of his or her staff, they to the right.

e. Meeting Room. Avoid octagon tables, use circular, rectangle or oblong or square ones.

f. Files. Locate filing cabinets to the West side walls or North.

g. Room for Expansion. Avoid protrusions that alter the shape of the office area into bad feng shui ones like knife, gun, bullet or the letter X or a cross!

3. Contractor(s). Ascertain birthdays of principal contractor to have feng shui compatibility check.

4. Interior Decorator.  Same as contractor, but apply too to their staff coordinators on site.

5. Flooring. Avoid bad feng shui designs and color incompatible with owner or principal. For example diamond shaped tiles and their unlucky color(s).

6. Ceiling. Same with flooring.

7. Partitioning. Avoid modular work stations in the shape of X or crosses or octagon. Use the principal's lucky colors for accent.

8. Color Scheme. Never have the principal's unlucky color surpass 30 percent of the total color combinations to be used in the whole office.

9. Windows, Blinds. Use lucky colors for blinds, avoid venetian blinds'  blades to face people, adjust them upward to ceiling always.

10. Hallway. Use lucky colors and accent designs. Avoid wrong water feature placement as it can lead to womanizing for male or illicit affairs for a woman principal.

11. Main Lobby. Make sure that corporate identity logo                 is well feng shuied in terms of placement. Have interior design feng shui compliant like hallway above.

12. Work Stations or Office Tables. No octagon or diamond or X or Cross shaped layouts as well as proper seating orientations must be customized for personnel.

13. Connectivity:

a. Electrical. Never site circuit breakers above or below pantry cooking appliances.

b. Internet. Never put your wi-fi at the North.

c. Telephone. Avoid red colored units for landlines.

14. Furniture:

a. Conference Table. Use auspicious or lucky shapes, as well as color.

b. Chairs. Use lucky colors; avoid accent designs with X, diamond or octagon.

c. Clerical Table. Same as conference table.

d. Clerical Chair. Same as chairs above.

e. Manager Table. Same as conference table, but material should conform with the feng shui element of the one using it (if glass or wood or metal).

f. Manager Chair. Use manager's lucky color, and same rules for chair apply.

g. Visitors Chair. Follow interior design thematic unity for the area designed.

h. Filing Cabinets. Always to north or west wall areas, never block view of any door.

i. Water Dispenser. Always to the left side of any door upon entering area - never in front of microwave or pantry cooking appliances.

15. Computer. Must be customized in orientation in accordance to user feng shui.

16. Printer. Never have its back to the North.

17. Projector always project to the West, projector back to the East. Never North or South.

18. CCTV always have monitor back to the West, not North or any other.

19. Fax Machine. Same as printer above.

20. Others:

a. Coffee Table. Best on the west side of any area or room.

b. Cups & Saucers. Avoid Japanese or Asian octagon designs, even for glasses!

c. Spoon & Fork. No rule applies.

d. Plates. Same as cups and saucers.

e. Coffee Maker. Always have its back to the North.

f. Trash Cans. Best to site at the North.

g. In and Out Trays. Best to the right side of the one using it.

21. Parking Lot. Best to have an auspicious or lucky numbered parking space. Ideal North facing South, or West facing East. These rules are also applicable to warehouses, stores, service offices like law office, dental clinics or any clinic, even veterinary clinic, or any business premises in general - from sari-sari stores to high-end shops, even home business office.

But to make things luckier, there is a Catch 22 missing in Mike's list: Already this alone is 50 percent of the feng shui luck of any business or office place! If only for that, you know whom to call, yours truly, your friendly neighborhood bad -luckbuster and proven ultimate luck maker!

You may even ask Senator Grace Poe as it applied to her senatorial campaign offices! Or in Cebu, let alone the Honorable Congresswoman Gwen Garcia.  By the way Catch 22 in feng shui means easy prosperity, even while sleeping you can doubly make money. So there, do you like to earn while sleeping or make money in your sleep? The answer is in your hands! Happy sleeping everyone! Have a lucky business office too!

And all my thanks to fellow La Sallian Mike Estaniel of TransGlobal who not only gave me this list to share but keeps on hiring new OFW heroes as one of the country's leading maritime manning agencies. By the way, for seafarers and their family... try applying there, a glimpse at their placement board shows a Master fetches almost U$ 11,500++ monthly, and just a bit lower for Chief Engineers and other crew.


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