Tomorrow, let’s junk dynastic candidates!

- Federico D. Pascual Jr. - Pilipino Star Ngayon

HOW I’LL VOTE: To some of my friends running for senator, sorry.

• Tomorrow, I will not vote for Dynastic Candidates. By their names alone, you shall know who they are.

• I will also not vote for whoever are the Top Three in the table surveys of commercial pollsters. Anyway, even without my vote they are already sure winners, if the mind-conditioning surveys prevail.

• I will vote only for five, at most seven, senators. I do not want to dilute their winning chances by adding second-line favorites who will just push them down in the count.

• I will still vote despite the widespread fear that smart winners will be elected not really by the voters but by Hocus-PCOS machines stripped by a malevolent Commission on Elections of mandated security features.

*      *      *

NO TO DYNASTIES: As of last count, there are 178 dominant political dynasties lording it over 73 of the 80 provinces. They are like weeds creeping from the front yard to the living room.

For the past 25 years, the dynasties and the vested interest groups with whom they are in symbiotic relations have blocked efforts to pass a law defining political dynasties as ordered by the Constitution.

The absence of a definition has enabled dynasties to entrench themselves, installing even juvenile delinquents to government posts that are passed on to the youngsters like family inheritance.

Since the captive Congress refuses to legislate a definition, we the people must now draw up our own definition of a political dynasty.

*      *      *

DYNASTY DEFINED: To me, a candidate is a dynastic nominee if he/she is a grandparent/grandchild, parent/child, sibling, uncle/aunt, nephew/niece of an official in the national government, or in a town, city or province of the candidate.

The dynasties are fielding five of the 12 senatorial candidates of the Liberal Party-led administration coalition and four of the nine candidates of the faux-opposition United Nationalist Alliance. Skip their names on the ballot.

You can adopt my definition of a political dynasty or make your own – and apply it mercilessly in rejecting dynastic candidates tomorrow.

*      *      *

TIGHT TENTACLES: To see how far and tight the tentacles of the dynasties have reached, consider this recent study of the Center for People Empowerment in Governance presented by CenPeg’s Bobby M. Tuazon.

He said that the 2010 elections have put in place 178 dominant dynasties (excluding those in local areas). Of this number, 100 or 56 percent are old elites and 78 or 44 percent are new elites that have emerged from Edsa 1 (1986) and the post-Marcos elections (1987).

In the House of Representatives, from their 64-percent dominance, 115 political families have tightened their hold to 68 percent. In the Senate, the dynasties control 68 percent of the current 23 membership.

In the 15th Congress, dynastic families or multimillionaires hold 52, or 91 percent, of the 56 party-list seats.

If voters do not act decisively to nip the spreading nefarious influence of political dynasties, the election tomorrow will see more of them grabbing key government posts.

*      *      *

SAVING OURSELVES: As said earlier in Postscript, “a moment comes in the life of a nation when, having suffered abuse for too long, it must eventually fall on its knees and pray – to be able to rise resolutely and rescue itself.”

Only we can save ourselves. Tomorrow, Election Day, is that moment for prayer and salvation.

Poverty is so widespread that one suspects the ruling elite have programmed the exploited masses to remain poor (and ignorant) – so they will be easier to control.

But while the nation’s core problem seems economic, it is actually moral.

The killer disease gnawing at the nation’s viscera is not hunger but moral decay at all levels. We have to recognize this fact so we can exert a massive national effort – like voting together intelligently – to start saving ourselves.

We cannot afford to fall again into the same cycle of trial and error voting – only to realize that we have allowed again this fair country to be run by liars, nincompoops, clowns and corrupt operators.

*      *      *

PASTORAL DECALOGUE: On the eve of the midterm election, we cannot help repeating this timely 10-point pastoral message of Pangasinan Archbishop Socrates Villegas. He advises us NOT to vote for a candidate who:

1. Cannot declare a categorical and clear “No” to divorce, euthanasia, abortion, total birth control and homosexual marriages, or D.E.A.T.H issues. Pro choice is anti life, he said.

2. Has been linked to the drugs trade, drug possession or drug use or receives money from illegal gambling or has done nothing to stop illegal gambling, especially jueteng. Silence is consent.

3. Has been convicted for a criminal offense. Government officials must be honorable.

4. Supports black sand mining or tolerates irresponsible quarrying or illegal fish pens. Nature is our mother; if you can rape your own mother, what else will you not do?

5. Has not done anything until now to uplift the plight of the poor. Performance is better than promises.

6. Is giving money or distributing goods to voters during the campaign period. Vote buying is prostitution.

7. Has been involved in or linked to terrorism or the use of goons for self-protection within or outside the campaign period. Peace is the only way to peace.

8. Shows off religiosity only during the campaign period or is antagonistic to church teachings and practices. Corruption and hypocrisy are twins.

9. Is unfaithful to his or her spouse and children. Corruption begins at home.

10. Has other members of the immediate family in government positions already. Promoting family welfare and promoting the common good cannot mix.

*      *      *

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