Vern and Verniece Enciso.
10 things about Vern & Verniece Encisco
WORDSWORTH - Mons Romulo (The Philippine Star) - February 5, 2019 - 12:00am

Lovely sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso are two of the most respected influencers in the country today. Because of their many similarities, they are often mistaken as twins.

The sisters’ positivity is seen in their blog posts as they take their readers to their travels, life, style and beauty blog

“Through our blog, we want to encourage our readers to get out of the four walls of their room and their comfort zone as they watch us scream our hearts out as we try things that scare us,” Vern says.

“We are firm believers that dreams do come true when  two main ingredients are put together — belief in oneself and perseverance,” adds Verniece.

Together, they have accomplished so much and up to this moment, there’s no stopping them. Just recently, Vern and Verniece launched their perfume line VV and Co. And as we start 2019, it’s not far to expect more surprises from them.

Read more about Vern and Verniece as they share with us more about them.

1. “We’re not twins. This is one misconception people always have about us. As the phrase goes, ‘If we had a nickel for every time we’re asked if we were twins...,’ that’s how much we were asked that question. As much as we can physically pass as twins especially in photographs, we’re actually a year apart.”

2. Verniece used to be a champion ice skater. She started ice skating since she was six years old. It all started with a random trip to the mall with her grandfather, who encouraged her to try it as he used to rollerblade when he was younger. It became a big part of Verniece’s life as she trained every single day right after school and she has competed both here and abroad. She won a total of 200 medals, where 127 of them are gold.

3. Vern also tried ice skating and competed abroad. Yup, you read that right! She wouldn’t like those recorded videos of her ice skating to be unearthed but, yes, she tried the sport about the same time as Verniece did but she only made it a hobby and stopped two years later. She actually performed a program as Barbie Girl in Hong Kong!

4. “We share one closet and one room. We are so close and used to being with each other 24/7 that a few years ago, we decided to combine our bedroom and make one our home office. We would spend so much time together that our long talks right before sleeping have become part of our routine and without them, our days would just feel incomplete! Vern’s room is now our room together and my room then is now our home office for,” says Verniece.

Vern and Verniece Enciso: ‘We’re not twins.’

5. “We lived in the province most of our childhood life. Our childhood life was spent mostly in Tagaytay City and Silang, Cavite where our parents grew up as well.”

6. “All of our relatives were surprised when Vern started a fashion blog because she never wanted to wear dresses. They never thought that I’d be first to start something in the fashion industry because Vern was always the type to prefer pants and a shirt,” says Verniece. Vern and her mom would always fight before leaving the house because Vern didn’t like the frilly dresses her mom would put her in. It was always Verniece who loved them as a kid.

7. It was Vern’s dream   to be a laywer ever since she was a kid. She has carefully planned her adult life towards it. She even took a pre-law course in college. However, all her plans changed when their blog took off and started working with brands she used to only dream about.

8. Before the blog started, Vern and Verniece disliked each other. “We would just call each other ‘housemates’  before. We were siblings but never friends. We just had contrasting personalities that we would clash as kids and teenagers. The reasons why we would even get grounded in college was because we would tell on each other!”

9. They have gone to 32 countries together. It was one of their personal goals to go to 30 countries before they turned 25 and 24. They crossed this goal off their bucket list when they went to the North Pole in Finland last March. Of all the destinations they’ve been to, Vern’s favorite is the United Kingdom while Verniece’s is Iceland.

10. Vern and Verniece started a perfume line. “After being in the industry for almost a decade, we wanted to make our dream of creating a brand with our names on it come true.” Inspired by a fond childhood memory of their dad hugging and kissing them goodbye before going to work and leaving a trail of scent that lingered till they saw him again at night, they wanted to create a line of perfume that would serve as a little love letter to every patron. “We’re hoping that the perfume will remind you to get out of the four walls of your comfort zones and try the thing that scares you.” The perfume line was launched with two scents, with two kinds of women in mind. First, the Vern Perfume, which is made for women who know what they want to attain. It has both feminine and musky notes, which makes it the perfect scent a girl can wear every day as she takes calculated steps towards a dream she’s sure she wants to pursue. While the Verniece Eau de Toilette is both sweet and fresh that has remnants of a woman who is very happy taking little, unsure steps to figure out what she wants in life. This fragrance is perfect for those in school,  a girl in her first job, on her date with a first real love or even a trip with friends. *

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