Guardian Angels of those born in September

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And here now are the Guardian Angels of those born in September, culled as usual from Veronique Jarry’s book Who Is Your Guardian Angel? (courtesy of Tempo’s Ronald Constantino). This group of Guardian Angels belongs to the Family of the Powers, with Camael as Prince-Archangel and Mars as their Planet. Their characteristics are strictness and justice, efforts and courage, and desire and creation.

Iehuiah (First Angel of the Powers, Sept. 3 to 7): Iehuiah is the protector of princes. He helps to find traitors and to destroy their schemes. He grants the obedience of others. And he wants his protégés to behave like princes!

He will protect what is higher and most noble within his protégés. He will help them to discover their own weaknesses, their own "traitors," and to eliminate them. He will give his protégés a lot of strength, so that they can achieve this "royal behavior," live by their higher values and remain faithful to them.

Constructive and imaginative, they are multi-talented. Their imagination will lead them to create or to build in any field. They are methodical and determined, and Iehuiah will help them to avoid the traps and tricks on the way to their goals. Their strength and talent will bring concrete results in their work, whether it is spiritual or material, and they will enjoy all the duties associated with their work.

(Note: Iehuiah is the Angel of King Louis XIV of France, Jesse James, Raquel Welch and Charlie Sheen.)

Lehahiah (Second Angel of the Powers, Sept. 8 to 12)

protects crowned heads and makes people obedient to a higher-ranked person. He maintains harmony, good understanding, and peace between different parties. Lehahiah wants his protégés to work morally or materially for a superior cause or with a higher-ranked person. And they will be greatly rewarded!

Their devotion and faithfulness will bring them recognition. Efficient and organized, they will also know how to keep harmony and peace around them. They will be a tremendous help to the cause or the person that they work with. And they should work hand in hand, as their own success will derive from the success of that person, or of that cause. They will receive trust and great favors from influential people. They will be renowned for their talent and for the quality of their work.

(Note: Lehahiah is the Angel of Leo Tolstoy, Maurice Chevalier and Michael Keaton.)

Chavakiah (Third Angel of the Powers, Sept. 13 to 17)

is the Angel of reconciliation. He helps to receive forgiveness from the ones that we have offended. He maintains peace, harmony and joy within family members, including cases of inheritance. He likes amiable agreements.

will want his protégés to do this work of reconciliation around them. They might have to start within themselves. They will want to live in peace with everyone, including people with opposite interests. This work will guide them on the successful path.

Devoted and persistent, they will always need a goal or a cause. They are tenacious and will persevere until they reach it. And Chavakiah will give them the courage and the honesty to succeed in their endeavors and in their creations. Big-hearted, they will always reward the fidelity and care of the ones around them.

(Note: Chavakiah is the Angel of Ray Charles, B.B. King, Lauren Bacall, Claudette Colbert, Peter Falk, George Chakiris, Oliver Stone, Jean Renoir, Agatha Christie and David Copperfield.)

Menadel (Fourth Angel of the Powers, Sept. 18 to 23)

liberates prisoners and protects against slander. He keeps exiles loyal and helps them find their land again. Menadel will help his protégés to free themselves by reconsidering themselves and their lives. It can materialize not only as a spiritual search, but may also require them to put more efforts in their professional lives. Menadel helps to retain a job, or financial means, and his protégés will be rewarded, as their search will lead to the discovery of spiritual treasures and material rewards.

They will be survivors and will enjoy life. Generous and thoughtful, they will have concern for others. They too will want to free the people around them, by helping them improve their lives. Tasteful, they are sensitive to aesthetics. They are perceptive and can be very creative.

His protégés are quite lucky to have Menadel as their Angel; he will constantly send his providential help, materially and spiritually!

(Note: Menadel is the Angel of Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, Twiggy, H.G. Wells, Bruce Springsteen and Frankie Avalon.)

Aniel (Fifth Angel of the Powers, Sept. 24 to 28)

represents the virtues of God. He fights against what is evil. He governs sciences and arts, and inspires the wise philosophers. His protégés have a very strong will power!

wants his protégés to be honest and virtuous. The energy that Aniel grants them will help them to dissolve their weaknesses. He will help them to break their routine and improve themselves. And he will grant them victory! Aniel wants his protégés to use their strength and will power to be giving. Determined, they will want to inspire and help the people around them. They will be distinguished members of their environment.

They will be tasteful and sensitive. Very creative, they have a lot of imagination. Hardworking and persistent, they can become celebrities through their work. And in any case, Aniel will make sure that they reach victory in tricky situations!

(Note: Aniel is the Angel of Brigitte Bardot, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Gershwin, Pope Paul VI, Marcello Mastroianni and T.S. Eliot.)

Haamiah (Sixth Angel of the Powers, Sept. 29 to Oct. 3)

protects the ones seeking the truth. He governs religion, love and spirituality. He protects against violence, thunder, weapons and evil spirits.

wants his protégés to look for the truth. Their spiritual search will help them to live in harmony. They will find a way to combine the water and the fire within themselves. And Haamiah will make sure that they receive the treasures from both Heaven and Earth! Spiritually and materially, they will reach success and have a life of peace and love.

Intense and knowledgeable, they can be very impressive. They can have a good understanding of people, of human relationships. They will know how to treat others just the right way to get their message across and also to make them feel special. Witty and charming, they will meet their soul mate and live a great love!

(Note: Haamiah is the Angel of Mahatma Gandhi, Jimmy Carter, Jerry Lewis, Deborah Kerr, Julie Andrews, Truman Capote, Graham Greene and Johnny Mathis.)












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