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Reindeer games

Young at art: “I’m very interested in art and I think it shows in my work. It’s very personal, humanistic, and warm,” says Carina Santos.

MANILA, Philippines - At 23, Carina Santos has achieved a certain status — one that comes from being part of YStyle’s coveted menagerie of logo collaborators. (Ahem) The Ateneo de Manila grad designed this month’s edition of the logo, crafting a collage that calls out to the complexity of the art of reframing independent elements in a wholly new way while rendering the finished composition a sense of Daoist tranquility.

“I like understated, quiet things that you have to really look at and spend time with to be able to appreciate,” Santos tells YStyle. Her style, a compelling mix of naivete and audacity, is a sweet breather after the bold varicolored logos that have come our way over the previous months.

In this edition, she tackles themes of youth, age and identity, rending illustrations, paintings and photographs she created even more surreal with the placement of somnambulant fawns, bare stripling oaks, a red sun over snow-glazed mountain peaks.

“Animals ? especially deer ? inspire me because of their grace, beauty and tenderness,” Santos relates. “I think it’s also a refreshing change, having grown up in the city.”

For readers wanting more of Santos, there’s more to the artist than this pretty logo.

“My friend Cat Cortes and I have been working on a project that merges our love for Filipino literature and good design. We’re hoping to launch it sometime this month,” she says. Santos is also set to have a solo exhibit this December at West Gallery.

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