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9 supreme moments from the J.Lo concert

Jennifer Lopez proves she’s still on top of her game with a sold-out concert at the SM Arena.

MANILA, Philippines - You know her songs, you know her moves. A decade after her career began and with seven albums under her belt, Jennifer Lopez has finally done her first world tour. She’s performed in more than 48 countries in the last seven months, making her way to the Philippines for the very first time. This is what her fans have been waiting for for a very long time.

Here are Supreme’s favorite moments from the concert last Monday, Nov. 26.

1. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she got — heck, she wore all of them. The six outfits made by Jennifer’s go-to red carpet designer Zuhair Murad were inspired by Mistinguett, a female entertainer from the late 1800s, believed to be of one of the highest paid performers in her time. Sounds familiar, no? All costumes were in true J.Lo style — tight, sparkling, and a whole lot of glamour. Did we really expect anything less from the girl from the block?

2. If you were a child of the ‘90s, most likely you know all the lyrics of her hits by heart. From her first single If You Had My Love, to her club banger On The Floor, to last millennium’s anthem Waiting For Tonight, she performed all her massive hits like no time had passed at all. A medley of I’m RealAll I Have and Feelin’ So Good brought back a flurry of memories as the crowd danced and screamed with her.

3. A six-pack is no joke, especially when it belongs to a 43-year-old mother of two. She rocked bodysuit after bodysuit with her banging body while her toned arms and legs put women half her age to shame. And of course, her phenomenal derrière, synonymous with her name, was not to be missed either. Gyms around the metro were packed the day after the concert and fitness instructors were badgered by clients to achieve J.Lo’s abs.

4. It isn’t a secret that she has a history of falling for her backup dancers. I mean, she married one of them and is now involved with another. True enough, her choice of dancers for the tour didn’t disappoint. Her crew, composed of eight perfectly chiseled men, gyrated with the star and slowly shed their clothes as the show progressed. The female audience now had more reasons to want to be Ms. Lopez.

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5. Publicly divorced thrice with a handful of failed relationships, Jennifer Lopez is still not one to give up on love, which is something we love her for! The current “papi” in J.Lo’s life, Casper Smart, was one of the tour’s highlights. People shouted and cheered for him every time he went up (half-naked) onstage. During one of the intermissions, a video clip of the couple doing an interpretative dance to her song Baby I Love You was played. Casper may or may not be the one, so we’re just thankful her love don’t cost a thing.

6. Months before, when ticket prices were announced, everyone was abuzz about the sky-high rates, costing from P26,000 for the VIP seats to P2,500 for general admission. So it came as a surprise to see a sold-out and packed SM Arena that gathered a powerhouse audience from megastar Sharon Cuneta to Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago. The latter, a fan of classical music, opera and ballet, was reportedly disappointed with the show, calling it a deafening assault to her ears. Let’s get loud? Apparently not.

7. During the first few minutes of the concert, she asked everyone who was seated in front to stand up and come near the stage. Everyone came running as the singer reached out and started shaking hands, even grabbing their cameras for a quick self-shot photo op in between songs. She later pulled out a Philippine flag and waved it, gathering an enormous howl from the crowd.

8. Jennifer Lopez is without a doubt a superstar, a multi-disciplinary entity, and the highest kind of triple threat. But over the last four years, after releasing an album, sitting as a judge for American Idol, and going through a divorce in between, J.Lo has managed to take care of her twins Max and Emme pretty well. During one of the last segments of the show, she sang Until It Beats No More while a collective video and photo collage of her and her four-year-old twins was played. All this while wearing a sheer billowy gown and plunging neckline, at that. No wonder she’s on everyone’s top list of the world’s hottest MILFs.

9. After two hours of singing, jumping, and endless booty shaking, she ended the night with an encore and performed Dance Again. A display of fireworks, confetti and laser lights bid J.Lo farewell. The sea of fans endlessly clapped and cheered for the diva as thanks for an unforgettable night. Haters to the left: here’s the proof that J.Lo still has “it.”

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The concert was co-sponsored by Vista Land

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