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GfK again cites Samsung as top LCD TV brand in RP

From left: Rachelle Delfin, assistant division head, CTV; Jan Roman, Samsung product manager, FPTV; Amby Navarro-Molina, Samsung head, Product Management Group Consumer Electronics; Jake Savellano, general manager, GFK Phils.; and Teresa Ramiro, group head, CE and HA.

MANILA, Philippines - In a comprehensive study made in the Philippines by the Germany-based GfK Research Group, data gathered from retailers and resellers have shown Samsung displacing Sony, LG, Panasonic and Sharp as the market leader in the LCD market for the fourth straight year.

Every year GfK gives the number one award in each product group. To be eligible for an award, the brand must be in general distribution in the country in which the award relates.

The winner in each product group is determined by the unit sales that a brand has sold for a period of 12 months based on retail sales volume collected from January to December 2009.

For this year, Samsung’s 2010 visual display line-up offers complete TV enjoyment with cutting-edge viewing technologies that take picture quality to stellar levels while achieving higher energy efficiencies.

Consumers can experience better clarity, more vibrant colors and unprecedented networking capabilities with the latest offerings.

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp. also announced that its award-winning full-HD 3D entertainment products will be available to Filipino consumers in April, and the TVs will support new content and applications.

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As a result, Samsung will be the first company to make market-ready full-HD 3D LED TVs available to Filipino consumers.

With the widest range of options in 3D home entertainment ever, including the first 3D LED TVs, 3D LCD and 3D Blu-ray player, Samsung continues to lead the home entertainment industry by liberating content and creating new, immersive experiences for consumers.

“The success of recent 3D movie titles is building anticipation from people who want to enjoy the richness of 3D content from the comfort of their living room,” said KyungChull Park, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp. “We are confident that by being first to market with the best integrated technology and approach, we have the best opportunity to capitalize on the market anticipation and continue to strengthen our leadership in 2010.”

“Samsung continues to lead the industry by being the first in the market to deliver full-HD 3D LED TV — with the widest range of options of 3D home entertainment ever with a full line-up of flat panel TVs, Blu-ray player, and 3D glasses — and we are lining up the best 3D content for our TVs to fuel adoption,” the Samsung executive added.

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