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Severed limbs, ghostly figures and creepy burlesque dancers have come back to haunt Hong Kong Ocean Park’s Halloween Fest this year. Time for a good scare.

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Everybody has a favorite app... until something better pops up. Whether on Team Snap or Team IG, The Young STAR team makes a case for their app of choice.

Satchmi is celebrating their second birthday this weekend. Here are some wishes they made true for their loyal supporters.

Jokes can be all fun and games, but when you put more than just fun in puns, it makes for a hearty opportunity.

It’s been more than 40 years since martial law was first declared in the Philippines. On this exact day, actually, but many of our younger readers will never understand the true gravity of that proclamation.

Cozy up with your favorite influencers and some dranks at this weekend’s Human and Chill Shopping Party.

Following your dreams is ideal but it can be hard. Just take it from Jonathan Larson, creator of ‘Rent’ and ‘Tick, Tick... BOOM!’

As the stress of adulting finally takes it toll on our youthful faces, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll ever be as graceful as the girl bosses of our dreams.

Young Filipino dance crew UPeepz proves that having a big heart and a unique identity can get you far.

Just because we live in a tropical country doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the benefits of the changing seasons.

They say ‘wear your heart on your sleeve,’ and what better way than with a shirt? Dress yourself and speak out with the latest local threads.

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