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Dream, believe, survive,” said the now-defunct celebrity search on local TV that made waves in the early 2000s.

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Did you miss her? With Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s plunder case junked, the controversial former president and current representative is now free at last. But should we welcome her back with open arms? And what does her victory mean for the country?

Last weekend at Grand Ballroom of the City of Dreams, a bevy of talented kids showed us how to move it.

We’re already halfway through the year and taking a break won’t hurt anyone.

Filipino talent is something we are legitimately proud of, and we definitely have some of the best people in terms of music. Greenwich acknowledges this and believes the best musical groups are those that perfectly create mash-up tunes in different genres — just as the combination of different toppings creates the best pizza flavors.

We return to the emo roots of our grade school years with the latest drops from Sunnies Specs. Jet-black fringe optional.

It’s been a rough year for Taylor Swift. After a very public breakup involving hit songs and Tom Hiddleston, America’s sweetheart has become the victim of a Snapchat truth bomb by way of Kim Kardashian. Will this be the end of the queen bee’s reign, or is this simply another thing to shake off?

For the 30th anniversary of Philippine STAR this week, we asked 30 of our top writers: What 30 things do you want to see in your lifetime?

Poetry lines on ceilings of Philippine buses and jeepneys, just like in some London buses/Tube train carriages.

Starting a business is easy. Creating a legacy is another story entirely.

Could you share with us how The Philippine STAR began? What was the country like when it started?

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