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Top Young Star News

We get the lowdown on what it takes to shine in today’s climate — and the pressure that comes with it — from the winners of Chalk Bright Young Manila 2015.

Latest Young Star News

Don’t attend a party or climb a mountain just because you think it’ll look good on your feed.

With the release of One More Chance’s next installment, we ask if the franchise deserves another shot at love.

A last-minute long weekend guide for staying in and/or going out.

Here’s a DIY project for your long-abandoned coloring pencils.

In anticipation of ‘Star Wars - Episode VII,’ cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao gets her rebel on.

It’s definitely the year of YouTube, and we love it.

A former boy band hater finds herself in the middle of one of the craziest fandoms ever. Better late than never.

Observations on a recent scroll through Instagram: selfies, foodstagrams, landscapes and even more selfies.

In which we dive headfirst into social media’s complaints and defend this week’s APEC summit.

In the last few decades, fanfiction has evolved from an underground cult into a legitimate hobby (and for some, an actual profession). But what does it really mean to the people who read and write it?

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