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Satchmi’s second anniversary makes some of our wishes come true once again. Here’s what happened at their birthday party.

Latest Young Star News

Get to know the hustle of some of Manila’s top publications through the eyes of their editorial assistants.

The Craft Central extends their creative hub beyond the web in their first physical store opening.

We end Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month with a reminder that depression is more than just a fleeting emotion.

Greenwich’s Ultimate Bandkada Season 2 discovers OPM’s newest star.

Human perfects the art of chill in an afternoon of good grub and great friends.

Severed limbs, ghostly figures and creepy burlesque dancers have come back to haunt Hong Kong Ocean Park’s Halloween Fest this year. Time for a good scare.

Everybody has a favorite app... until something better pops up. Whether on Team Snap or Team IG, The Young STAR team makes a case for their app of choice.

Satchmi is celebrating their second birthday this weekend. Here are some wishes they made true for their loyal supporters.

Jokes can be all fun and games, but when you put more than just fun in puns, it makes for a hearty opportunity.

It’s been more than 40 years since martial law was first declared in the Philippines. On this exact day, actually, but many of our younger readers will never understand the true gravity of that proclamation.

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