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As The Philippine Star celebrates its 28th anniversary, we play Fantasy Football with some of our favorite creatives and round up 28 kids who we think are inspiring other kids.

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The world of craft seems to be slowly taking center stage and now people are starting to appreciate the art of DIY. To supply the increasing demand, more craft stores are opening both online and offline. All of a sudden, creative kids everywhere decorate everything — from notebooks to remote controls — with washi tape (a decorative Japanese masking tape).

There’s very little room to question the It-ness that makes Martine Cajucom one of Manila’s most popular faces today. As one of the girls who brought sexy back — at a time when we didn’t even real- ize it was gone. Martine is fun, hip, and brimming with individuality.

We are a page torn off from a book unwritten, a split second of a time not yet, an homage to an abandoned bar of abandon. We are a trivial detail to a hoax, the face of an unmet lover, a monument in a lost map. We are magic realists and fake-tionists. We are Future Zines. We are printed exploits in future tense.”

If you’re going to put up a theater company, it shouldn’t be because you wanna do a certain show. It should be because you want to do a kind of theater for your audience. In my case, I wanted to give my audience an experience.

Let’s face it, the age of the Internet is here and as much as we want to stick to good ol’ pen and paper, there’s no denying that going digital is more efficient.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think one of the most defining characteristics of Millennials is their unrelenting desire to take selfies. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with it.

I used to go out with this guy who was generally nice, a little bit awkward and sometimes tried too hard. One time he wanted to keep the conversation flowing so he decided to steer it into something I guess was heftier. “What do you think about President Marcos? I thought that he was actually a good president,” he said with naiveté (or stupidity).

Sunnies Studios may be the newish kid on the block, but it took no time for it to become everybody’s go-to place for great eyewear.

You can blame it on television. Sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and Friends (screw you if you’ve never heard of them) have taught us the value of a regular coffee/cocktail place—the former had the pub McClaren’s and the latter enjoyed coffee and banter at Central Perk.

In the age where the Internet has killed the radio star, it’s extremely rare to see a radio show figure its way into popular culture. But Boys Night Out (BNO), a Magic 89.9 outfit that comprises DJs Tony Toni, Slick Rick, and Sam YG, has been around for years yet remains one of radio’s enduringly popular shows.

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