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In the heat of summer, indie band alt-J delivered an awesome wave last May 19.

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Most of us scour the globe for our creative soul mates — the Kim to our Kanye, the Owen Wilson to our Wes Anderson.

Ever go on a music binge by streaming tracks at ungodly hours? One click leads to another, and you end up on the page of a musician whose work you really dig. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a sound you like and connecting to it.

With a good dose of fun and some old-fashioned wisdom, Australian artist Jeremyville’s work gives Manila a little bit of optimism.

The Girl + The Bull and 12/10 have been making waves in the local food scene. A few weeks ago, they celebrated their mini empire by taking it to the roof.

You may have heard about ‘dressing for the occasion.’ But have you ever heard about ‘dressing for your Happy Meal’?

Jose Canoy was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder when he was four years old. His family put up Puzzle Café in order to give him, and others like him, a place to work.

The medium I’ve loved the most needs to change and abandon a way of thinking that’s become extinct and false.

Alas, we’ve arrived at the tail end of this ridiculous Manila summer. Haven’t we had enough of the sweltering heat x post-Laboracay buzz and humidity?

Thirst (n.) as defined by your betters (and lessers) is the shameless and unapologetic eagerness to get someone or something.

It’s a common double standard of society,’ Christina Aguilera once sang. ‘The guy gets all the glory the more he can score, while the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore.’ A young writer challenges those double standards.

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