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History tells us that a lot of great musicians incubated their talent while still in school, and it is often the interaction between young student musicians that sets sparks flying. The Apo Hiking Society, for example, or the Eraserheads, came to be while they were preparing for the “real world” in their respective universities.

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Put it on the endangered species list. The album format started out as a mere compilation of singles. In the Motown era, that meant your favorite singles from the last few months — singles you probably bought anyway — in one album plus filler. In the late 1970s, by the time Fleetwood Mac released their landmark “Rumours” album — still one of the best-selling albums of all time — the format was a bona fide art form. Artists were using the album to tell a whole story. In the ‘80s came the era of the blockbuster album — mega-sellers like “Purple Rain” and “Thriller” paving the way.

It used to be all about the album. Not so long ago, if you were a musical artist, people didn’t really know what to make of you until you released your debut full-length. Now, in a world of downloads and streaming and custom playlists, the album as an art form has lost its dominance. Now it’s all about the single- (or, sometimes, the 4-song EP).

‘A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...’ your fave might still be relevant and in the Top 10.

In a short story by Raymond Carver, a man has moved his bedroom suite to his front yard for reasons unknown. The mattresses and sheets all on the grass. A desk is moved next to the garage door.

A powerhouse lineup of creative legends are coming together to talk about the truth of advertising at the Adobo Festival of Ideas, happening Nov. 22 at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier.

Admit it. There may have been one point in your life when you shamelessly danced Mambo No. 5 in front of your titas during the family Christmas reunion. Or perhaps you styled your hair à la Justin Timberlake’s dried noodles hairstyle in his ‘N Sync days just to be one step closer to your idol’s pop star status. But the truth is looking like a celebrity and being a star in your relatives’ eyes are different from actually being one.

In his recent standup special, comedian Jerrod Carmichael talked about how we as a society tend to overlook sins and instead subscribe to the idea that “talent is more important than morality.”

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There are certain things about ourselves that only our best friends know. They’ve seen us at our worst (bad break-ups, puberty, PMS) and celebrated with us at our best (graduations, crush replying to your text, finally learning how to ride a bike). They already know what we are thinking the moment we enter the room. After all the time we spent with them, our brains work on the same wavelength.

We like to believe that we are the sum total of our choices. Perhaps the idea gives us a sense of control, of having a deliberate shape to our lives. This belief is adhered to most fervently when it comes to the choices we make regarding what we watch, what we listen to, what we read, what we eat, and what we wear. In short, what we like (and what we Like). In another time, that would have been trivia. In our day, it constitutes our identity.

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