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We chronicle the fall of the white rapper and examine the issue of cultural approriation.

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Now that JK Rowling has introduced new wizarding schools in her ‘Harry Potter’ universe, we suspect there are a lot more hallowed halls of magical learning she’s just not telling us. From the tundras of Iceland to New Bilibid Prison, we uncover five more wizarding schools you should know about.

Potential conversations with everyone’s favorite ex-boy band member.

No one likes spending hours after work stuck in traffic.

If someone were to tell you this was a competition in which students were to fashion clothing collections out of 200 kilograms of recyclable materials, you would probably be expecting to see something straight out of Mad Max.

Whether you’re pro or anti, or divinely wapakels, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and there’s simply no way out of it.

This year promises to be the best year for music festivals.

From Beyoncé memes to left shark gifs, we can’t wait to see what gold will come out of the Super Bowl 50 halftime performance.

As the world waits for ‘Waves,’ we think Kanye West is gonna go full dad on his latest album.

 If ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ can make the conscious effort to represent us, why can’t we make the conscious effort to represent ourselves?

Behind every great OTP is a fandom willing to back them up — no matter what. From Twitter trendsetters to data analytics, learn from the AlDub Nation what it takes to be a true fan these days.

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