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Perhaps it was inevitable.

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It may be hard to believe but in a few weeks, the third quarter of the year will come to a close. But before we immerse ourselves in the madness of the last quarter, it’s better to take a break and recharge to keep us going for the remaining months of 2014. There’s nothing wrong with hanging loose and having fun, but believe it or not, you can do it for a good cause.

At the risk of sounding basic, we think that a plain white T-shirt is a lot like your favorite comfort food — straightforward, simple, and whatever the occasion, always works. (Stuffing your face with a steaming plate of mac-’n’-cheese always feels good, after all.) But not many people realize that the best part about wearing a proverbial blank canvas is that it never quite looks the same on different people.

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In her first Young STAR column, stylist Sam Potentiano explores the world of basketball with casual athletic gear that’ll score three points in any court.

Gone are the days when the sun is out and the sky is blue. Nowadays, all we see are gray skies and more often than not, the rain affects our productivity, sometimes leaving us in a slump.

It’s been almost a year since cult streetwear brand The Artisan released its last collection—an all-black sartorial exposition of reworked bomber jackets and baseball jerseys, whose look book was shot up north with eccentric floral headpieces.

Easy, online and fast, get to know Carmudi, the e-commerce website that might just sell you your first car.

From dreaming big to simply taking a leap of faith, learn from the ladies of the DesignHerStory conference to use design as a tool for development.

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You know how you always say "I will always support your decision" to your BFF? The reality is that is not really the case all the time. You know that deep in your heart, there is that little twinge, especially when it gets too obvious that you are becoming the third wheel.

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