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In which we dive headfirst into social media’s complaints and defend this week’s APEC summit.

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In the last few decades, fanfiction has evolved from an underground cult into a legitimate hobby (and for some, an actual profession). But what does it really mean to the people who read and write it?

Some thoughts on Haruki Murakami, growing up, and the stories we keep coming home to.

This isn’t the next chapter  Potterheads had in mind.  How J.K. Rowling is taking the magic out of her beloved series.

What we can learn from dystopian novels — and saving our future in the process.

Forget Tinder. Sometimes a book is the best way to the heart as a young writer learns that love is stranger than fiction.

A list of graphic design books to keep you sane over the long holiday.

With countless attractions and retail establishments just a few steps away from Makati’s top hotels, staycations help make the holidays stress-free.

There are two particular encounters that I will never forget as a child.

Disclaimer: The local music scene will always be too wild to define.

If there's one thing that we miss about Halloween, it's the constant mystery that surrounds the air.

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