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It’s a daunting task, maybe premature to some extent — to dub these young’ns as the vanguards of the performing arts scene.

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Thank you for participating in the first YS Open Call. At the beginning of the year, we surveyed Young Star’s bench and saw that, while our pool of collaborators remained strong, the section was due for new blood and new flavor.

Saving the world doesn’t always require hypnotic SIM cards. Sometimes, all you need is art.

Can ‘Kathniel’ get any bigger? After the blockbuster success of ‘Crazy Beautiful You’, we’re playing fantasy football with everyone’s favorite love team and drafting ideas for their next vehicles.

Soaking in the bath — whether in our own tubs or in a fancy hotel’s — is admittedly one of our favorite things to do.

What we say speaks more of us than it does of others. While it always hurts when we make mistakes, the real danger is when we refuse to learn from them.

Elaborate sets, witty dialogue, hot men in drag,  ‘La Cage aux Folles’ proves that ol’ fashioned certainly doesn’t have to mean out of style.

Arts month may be over (same goes for love month) but there’s no shortage of it happening in the performing arts world.

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There’s a lot more to activism than street protests and online rants. Today, social change requires more than just opinions.

In the wake of the fallen 44 SAF commandos, we turn to the next best thing when government falls short — activism via social media.

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