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With internships and job opportunities abounding, there seems to be no better time to experience the real world in bits. With a good stock of passion and a little bit of luck, getting the job of your dreams doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

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Manila traffic is notorious for testing one’s patience, but last April 5, the influx of people at the Closeup Forever Summer had arguably reached World War Z-esque levels: complete standstills, SUVs parked on narrow streets, with young hipsters in crop and tank tops milling towards Circuit Makati grounds. It was, in many ways, a wordless announcement of the madness that was about to reach its crest.

There’s a strong argument brewing against the rise of third wave coffee. Characterized by high-quality beans, lighter roasts, and that damn Instagrammable latte art, it indeed sounds like a lot of work for a drink that is primarily taken to perk you up for those ghoulish 8 a.m. meetings.

Remember the good ol’ days when kids knew what to do with a pencil and a cassette tape? Or when our parents selected the wrong RPM for their records and creeped us out? Those days are far from over because the analogue culture is slowly coming out of the shadows. There’s no perfect time than now to start collecting records to pass on to your own kids.

I started modeling when I was in Ateneo,” recalls Janna Tee. “My first ever fashion week was in college and I had to walk for SM Accessories.”

Almost every famous TV series about a group of friends has a signature hangout: Friends had Central Perk and the recently concluded How I Met Your Mother had MacLaren’s Pub. For years, we saw them create a home away from home, and couldn’t help but get jealous.

The Millennial’s unofficial motto seems to be “Busy is better than bored.” Even when we’re lounging around at home during the summer holidays, we seem to be deeply involved in a multitude of things: updating our blogs, baking cupcakes, realigning our chakras… But let’s be real, there’s very little point in getting busy if we aren’t going to suit up for the occasion.

Unreal. It’s the first thought that comes to mind when you first see Joseph Marco.

It’s hard to define who The 1975 are, or what they sound like.

 It may be time to show off your feet in the summer heat with Renegade Folk’s “Your Kind of Summer” collection.

Summer has arrived, heralded by the preposterous heat and the sight of my female co-workers (and Jerome) in shorts.