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Lots of people call teleseryes their guilty pleasures. So did I for a time.

Latest Young Star News

There’s Shondaland.

From fast-talking lawyers to pretty little liars, a list of shows that are due to get the boot.

We put the ‘you’ in YouTube as we seem to turn more and more to vloggers for some TV goodness. Forget the small screen—the smallest screen is the way to go.

Author Kiera Cass visits Manila and serves up some realness on wrist tattoos and sketchy fanfic writers.

Back when the cure for boredom was still board games (also known as: before the age of the smartphone), it was rare to meet anyone who didn’t understand the satisfaction that came from finishing before the last few grains of sand drops down in an hourglass timer.

When it comes to Philippine entertainment, three things are essential: noon- time shows, awkward celebrity interviews and love pairings.

Like those paranoia-inducing emails your mom gets from anonymous senders, media producers feed on fear.

Mass communication, in this day and age, is not just about delivering a message.

These days, everyone wants to be part of a squad.

Arguably the biggest comedy festival in the country, Stand-Up Revolution is set to laugh Ateneo’s pants off tonight.

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