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Cool down and shake up your summer with The Policeman.

Latest Young Star News

Say goodbye to sipping margaritas at the beach and hello to more school and stress. A young grad student talks about how everyone’s having fun without her.

Record store Satchmi celebrates the best of vinyl with a day of live music, sweet records, and cool treats.

Get these limited-edition YS totes at the Brixton Block Party!

Playing pretend can be fun — whether acting like someone else or becoming a different version of yourself. This is what a new masterclass series is all about.

Are you ready for your interview?


With Holy Week over, it’s officially the start of summer. Congrats to all for being good boys and girls but it’s finally time to get a little wet and wild.

For the first in our #YSCravings series, we collab with Cupcakes by Sonja for a limited-edition treat.

Who says we all have to look like Kendall Jenner in a bikini? A young writer believes that it takes more than just abs to be the hottest thing this summer.

If there’s another thing that can keep you up on hot summer nights, it’s the excitement of an upcoming road trip.

Gear up and party down with our essential guide to Wanderland 2015.

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