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Unreal. It’s the first thought that comes to mind when you first see Joseph Marco.

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It’s hard to define who The 1975 are, or what they sound like.

 It may be time to show off your feet in the summer heat with Renegade Folk’s “Your Kind of Summer” collection.

Summer has arrived, heralded by the preposterous heat and the sight of my female co-workers (and Jerome) in shorts.

With a long-ass summer coming along, you must’ve realized that soaking up rays on some Vitamin Sea day in and day out at the beach isn’t exactly practical. (Awesome, yes. Realistic, no.)

1. Carlos Celdran Walk This Way Tour — There is so much more to Intramuros than beautiful buildings and colorful kalesa. If you have the money to splurge, sign up for Carlo Celdran’s walking tour of Intramuros for an experience a typical guidebook can’t give.

Young Star compiles a few summer internships to help you spruce up your CV.

Crystal Beach, Zambales was sparsely populated during the Summer Siren Music Festival last April 4-6, making it look even more isolated from the rest of the sleepy beach town than it already is. To be fair, it’s hardly a point against the festival; in fact, the small group of attendees and performers made the arrangement all the more intimate, a bit like summer’s little secret.

Want to brush up on your writing skills this summer?

Young Star apologizes for two factual errors in the April 4 issue. Fresh graduate Valeri Inting won the United Asians Debating Championship. She maintains a food blog called 1476miles.

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