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There’s a lot more to activism than street protests and online rants. Today, social change requires more than just opinions.

In the wake of the fallen 44 SAF commandos, we turn to the next best thing when government falls short — activism via social media.

Every Game of Thrones fan knows that, for all the blood and gore the tawdry tale has got in store, winning a chance to sit on the Iron Throne is worth the trouble.

Meet nine mould-breakers who are taking the road less traveled.

This summer, breathe new life into a dull, tired home by decorating with paint.

Are you young? Creative? Do you have what it takes to be published? Young STAR is looking for writers, photographers, and artists with fresh eyes and new perspectives.

What happens when your thesis film gets into Cannes? These college seniors saw their wildest dreams come to life when the prestigious film festival gave them a thumbs up.

After 17 years, a slew of classics, sold-out shows, and elder statesmen status, what makes Sandwich run?

Get your red, white, and blue in order. Tell me I’m your national anthem.

In which the key to one’s artistic identity is the nature of his doubt.

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