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A case for Chris Hemsworth’s ultra-ditzy ‘sexytary’ character as pop culture’s newest icon for female representation.

Latest Young Star News

Meet the up-and-coming young talents in the fields of music, art, entertainment, sports and so much more.

It doesn’t really take much to be famous these days. Give someone a camera and the WiFi password and you’ll be amazed by the content one can come up with.

Most iconic paintings in world-famous museums aren’t completed overnight.

The best thing about our barkada slumber parties are the stories, music and food we share—pizza being the staple, of course. Now you and your barkada have more to share with the Greenwich #ULTIMATEBANDKADA mash-up meals, which are not only affordable but will also be freshly delivered to your homes.

MaArte, an annual fundraiser that showcases and promotes Filipino craft and artisanship, is entering its eighth year and, it turns out, it’s not just for titas.

In a city where traffic jams can last for an hour, it’s best to have other tranportation options. This week, we test out which one is the fastest and most efficient.

We know how the MRT/LRT system works. It’s just like any other train, stopping at designated hotspots around the Metro and helping people get to their chosen destinations. But imagine if the stops weren’t just random locations scattered all across the cities?

For anyone trying to brave EDSA every day on a budget, carpooling is definitely the most efficient way to go,

Itching for new places to explore while waiting for your next class? A historical building at Escolta filled with cool new shops is perfect for an afternoon stroll.

In which a young lady speaks up about how being older doesn’t necessarily mean being wiser.

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