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In true scout fashion, Young STAR awards badges to the standouts of Wanderland 2015.

Latest Young Star News

Watching an awards show that is meant to be broadcast live is like watching a magician reveal their tricks.

Guys — and yes, I literally mean guys — have you ever gone to a store that boasts of having both a women and men’s section, but the men’s section seems like a glorified holding area? When the kids’ line has more denim options than yours, there’s really not a lot to choose from, is there?

From Pokemon bling to fuzzy joggers, clothing brand Cutie is the newest thing we aim for.

In light of Bruce Jenner’s realization of his true self, we are all reexamining how we see our parents. A young writer talks about how Mom and Dad are more than just mom and dad.

What do you do when your heroes and idols fall and do wrong? Should they still be your heroes?

The world can be a crazy place.

Who’s your summer crush?

After-School Special: Quezon City’s Maginhawa is fast becoming the go-to place for college kids.

Pasig’s Brixton Street is slowly turning into a design-savvy little neighborhood.

That SoHo life minus the SoHo budget. From Third Wave coffee to retail steals, Legazpi Village is redefining Makati cool.

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