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In time with the film’s nationwide release, Young STAR sits down with the boys of ‘2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten’

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L’Oréal Professionel strips away the fear of hair damage with their newest product, Smartbond.

Isn’t it so weird that adults get away with everything?

When I was 17, I made a pact with myself to read only young adult books for a year. My reasoning went as follows: I wasn’t getting any younger, I wasn’t ready to outgrow fictional brooding teenage boys, and I had the rest of my life to read everything else.

Young STAR Exclusive: Check out these fresh BTS snaps of newest Sunnies Studios girl Liza Soberano.

We dig deep into our parents’ treasure troves.

The re-staging of ‘Makbet’ celebrates the 200th death anniversary of the playwright.

Having a beard is a symbol of masculinity, but is that all that makes a man?

You can now wear denim to the gym — thanks to Freego Yoga Jeans.

It’s a matter of preference, and not of right or wrong.

Why is losing your virginity such a big deal?

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