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What’s it like to dream in modern-day Manila?

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Host and radio DJ Jazmine Reyes tells it like it is and proves that good humor and good old hard work can get you far.

Explore three bodies of water in three days. Eastern Visayas has got it all.

Ubisoft’s newly minted Philippine studio is ready to welcome the country’s next generation of topnotch game makers.

It seems that everyone broke their school night curfew last week.

Cheats kicked off #YSProm with a set perfect for a night of dancing, drinking, and having fun.

In which we remember lessons on how to survive adulting from a visit to the toy store.

Mister Potato’s newest snack serves up guilt-free sweet potato goodness in a can.

The best thing about being 20 is the fact that I’m no longer a teenager. I have to make responsible decisions and think about the impact I’m going to make when doing certain things,” says Benchsetter Angel Manzano. She, along with Emil Khodaverdi, joins mega clothing brand Bench’s crew of the freshest faces in the fashion industry.

Twenty years ago, a national broadsheet orchestrated the unimaginable. With a little prodding and imagination from Lifestyle editor Millet Mananquil, a section catering to the youth was concocted, coming out every Friday in the pages of The Philippine STAR.

It’s a mad, mad world, but our editors and columnists find harmony in collaborating to make the world a better place (or at least, a better-looking one.)

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