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Millennials have been called many things ­­­— lazy, shallow, entitled, narcissistic, naive. But they’re also a generation that could save us all.

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Who should be blamed for the non-news in our political coverage? Perhaps it’s time to get serious.

In today’s world of multi-hyphentates, our new society is proving that we can be more than just one thing.

Surreal-maker and fashion filmmaker Judd Figuerres a.k.a. DJ Sweetheart marches to his own beat.

A week after our much talked about #YSProm, a writer remembers how she kept the door in check, and the party started.

CRWN is a clever act, and not just because the moniker is a playful riff on King Puentespina’s name.

Attention, all full-fledged adults, budding adults, and adults in denial: it is crucial that we be politically in the know, especially with the 2016 presidential elections coming up.

In the age of streaming and singles, a writer gives love to forgotten art of the album.

Meeting writers is always so interesting, because they often seem nothing like their stories. For a second, I thought Leigh Bardugo would prove me right.

Former fresh produce and ‘National Geographic’ photographer Hannah Reyes talks about her career, traveling the world, and discovering herself.

We didn’t expect to see so many onesies.

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