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Mark Bustos, 30, works in an upscale boutique salon in the West Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan.

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Writing about the most tumultuous period of anyone’s life (a.k.a. adolescence) is no easy task. All those feelings and hormones? Danger zone. Young adult author Stephanie Perkins, though, makes it seem so easy.

There’s the sporty jock, the dandy hipster and the princess. Who defines what’s in? The kids in the clique or those looking from the outside, wishing they were one of them? Oh, don’t you just wish you could be like the cool kids?

The UP Junior Marketing Association (UP JMA) organizes a benefit party every semester but this one is unlike any other. Last Aug. 23, over 9,000 college students from all over the metro partied for a cause at The World Trade Center.

Take a breath, Manila. You’re probably still reeling from indie darling Sky Ferreira reveling among us archipelagic folk as she spun at an industry event in Forbes last Tuesday, wearing the iconic Levi’s Trucker jacket.

Proximity: the advantage of being a couple of hours away from a quick getaway, the reasonable distance between you and the water’s edge.

It used to be that running shoes were exclusively used by athletes and the clinically crazy (you know, people who get fit for fun).

We’re about to hit the last trimester of the year and, the next thing you know, fireworks will be filling the skies and people will be greeting you a Happy New Year.

We all have that one ratty go-to white shirt when we’re too lazy to think about what to wear in the morning. Just pair it with a really good pair of jeans and a pair of Birkenstocks and you’re good to go.

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If, like me, you’ve dreamt of making a personalized shirt a grade above the ones you wore with your barkada in high school — with that cheeky-yet-design-conscious prototype you’ve been working on, a quote from a seminal body of work (Mean Girls, Kanye West), or none of the above — just a very vague set of words punctuated rather randomly, then this DIY is for you. Consider it an act of redemption, or just a crafty way to spend an afternoon.

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