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After-School Special: Quezon City’s Maginhawa is fast becoming the go-to place for college kids.

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Pasig’s Brixton Street is slowly turning into a design-savvy little neighborhood.

That SoHo life minus the SoHo budget. From Third Wave coffee to retail steals, Legazpi Village is redefining Makati cool.

The gentrificaion of P. Burgos is making its streets safer without sacrificing its edge.

Urban fiesta: It’s street food heaven at Burgos, with El Chupacabra, Tambai, and Senor Pollo within an arm’s reach of each other. Photos by Artu Nepomuceno

Sometimes, the answers you’re looking for are the ones right in front of you. In a city that is as easy to love as it is to hate, a 20-something millennial finds his way.

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CrossFit boys, summer sounds and glamping? Summer Siren has done our bidding.

We want to check in: how’s your New Year’s Resolution going? If you’re one of the many hopefuls who wanted to focus on going green and healthy, you must be having a hard time sticking to your diet this summer.

The best proof of an amazing Saturday party is the Sunday that followed. #YSHeimaBlocParty.

As appealing as shiny new things are, some things are better the second time around. Just look at beautiful vintage trinkets in flea markets or the leftover adobo in your fridge. Joining a contest the second time gives you an edge and advantage.

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