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When you think of feminists, the image of a chubby 25-year-old comic book geek might not be the first (or even tenth) image that’ll pop in your head.

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Before I gave birth, I swore that my daughter would not grow up Disney. We would not let ourselves get sucked into the princess industrial complex that manages to ensnare every little girl in its pink plastic manacles.

Sunnies Studios has only been around for a year, but it feels longer.

We’re lucky to live in an age where we get to do what we love as a career. Forget having to choose between a well-paying job and a passion that pays peanuts — it’s totally possible to set #lifegoals where you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Proven by creative entrepreneur Abbey Sy and actor Alex Diaz, anyone can enjoy the best of both worlds, especially given the kind of cool gadgets available today.

Feminism is not at all about man-hating or makeup burning. The concept goes deeper than that and has more implications for you than you think. Here is a short look at how we got to where we are today.

She said it: Who run the world — girls! In her Video Music Awards performance, she stood in front of an enormous glowing “FEMINIST” sign. Her album also features parts from a TEDx speech on feminism by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. And on top of all of this, Beyoncé wrote an entire essay about gender equality called “Gender Equality is a Myth.” There’s a reason why we call her the Queen Bey.

Let’s talk about feminism. Or, feminism as we know it.

Most religions scorn the idea of collecting material objects and your parents will tell you that self-indulgence is bad for you.

Observe closely while traversing the huddle of unremarkable grey buildings along Pasong Tamo Extension, and your eye will find itself drawn to something peculiar.

Movie musicals haven’t been de rigueur since the ’50s and ’60s. Scroll through a database of movie musicals on the net and you’ll see the devolution of the movie form from the grandiose hits of the 3D movie Golden Age to animated films that made all that possible, minus the stringent faculties of the live performer.

The day Emma Watson stepped on that podium and shakily but steadfastly delivered that speech on HeForShe, the UN’s newly launched gender equality campaign, social media went ablaze with quotes, screencaps, commendations, and reaffirmed girl crushes.

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