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In the age of Generation Me, Me, Me and #OOTD blogging, is there room for the reflective youth-driven online magazine? The five publications we rounded up this week sure think so. And as they tell us about the highs and lows of complete independence, we watch a new movement prepare to take flight.

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At first we thought modern technology had already made everything possible for us when McDonald’s online delivery became a thing. You gotta admit, after that, everything else that followed was simply a nice bonus.

It’s hard to be young. For one, most of us haven’t really figured out what we want to do yet. There are so many things we can become and what scares most of us is we don’t know if it’s the right path to tread.

One auspicious Saturday last August, the Internet went nuts.

Australian electronic band Cut/Copy is no stranger to touring.

One step shy of cleansing your room by burning sage, take a dip into New Age territory with the revival of the ever-so-Instagram-friendly crystal pendant. Once steeped in a shroud of ballyhooed mysticism, it’s become the accessory of choice for the perennially ‘90s-obsessed Millennial who holds a Tumblr-driven reverence for anything to do with the decade of Winona and Johnny (or Kate and Johnny, depending on which camp you belong to).

The last trimester has just begun and most people were looking forward to the start of September. Some are excited for the approaching holiday season, some can’t wait for semestral break, but a few just wanted to tweet “Wake me up when September ends.”

In history, much has been written to lionize about Rizal and Bonifacio.

By the time we broke the news, we had been keeping it secret for months: New music. By the Eraserheads. In our magazine.

Up close, you can tell that Gab Moreno is only 16 — it’s the mild and timid manner in which he speaks, the baby ‘stache, and the Archie-esque coiffure. Not to mention, the chaperone in the form of proud father Frederico.

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