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Claws out or hold back? From rude officemates to boyfriend stealers, here’s a guide to navigating the tricky world of catfights.

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From GBFs to furry friends, here are seven onscreen friendships we wish existed IRL.

Online creeps aside, the Internet is full of potential friends. With just a tweet or reblog, you could be a step closer to meeting your new BFF.

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Are you young? Creative? Do you have what it takes to be published? Young STAR is looking for writers, photographers, and artists with fresh eyes and new perspectives.

Another Brit boy band rocks Manila’s concert scene.

This week, Young STAR chatted with author Michelle Hodkin about the Mara Dyer trilogy, her ideal leading man and the difference between authors and writers.

It’s hard to make it in the music industry when you’re starting out. Unless you have the hands of Jimi Hendrix and have your skills recorded on camera, you have to put your music out there and grab every opportunity to reach new listeners.

In between gigs at London’s National Theatre, 24-year-old Christine Allado demonstrates why she’s the upcoming superstar you should watch out for.

Video-game-artist-turned-author Marie Lu explores radical politics through the eyes of a teenager in her book ‘The Young Elites.’

A week after Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines, where he left a trail of thunderstruck believers, we look into why he has become the Catholic Church’s newest rock star.

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