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In between gigs at London’s National Theatre, 24-year-old Christine Allado demonstrates why she’s the upcoming superstar you should watch out for.

Latest Young Star News

Video-game-artist-turned-author Marie Lu explores radical politics through the eyes of a teenager in her book ‘The Young Elites.’

A week after Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines, where he left a trail of thunderstruck believers, we look into why he has become the Catholic Church’s newest rock star.

You can’t deny that our moms are our number one homies.

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Are you young? Are you creative? Do you wanna be published? If so –– join the Young STAR Open Call, where young folks are welcome to submit their portfolios (for writing, photography and art) for a chance to become a contributor to Young STAR.

Meet seven up-and-coming talents who are sowing their wild oats — one creative collaboration at a time.

While we would all love to see the Pope, big crowds (and the traffic that comes with it) can be horrifying. Prepare yourself and check out these tips on surviving the Papal Visit.

In a time when free speech is jeopardized, we ask the more important question: Are we really safe?

‘Every year is different. But they’re almost always different in ways you neither expected nor planned.’ If anything, 2015 will be a year of new beginnings — at least according to some astrology blog.

With the close of the beloved animated series, ‘Avatar’ goes where no other show has gone — that is, towards a better world.

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