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We didn’t expect to see so many onesies.

Latest Young Star News

In the pre-Friendster(!!) era, social hierarchy was determined by sticker collections.

In last week’s shoot “You’re not nineteen forever,”the canvas teepee was mistakenly said to have come from “Qurus.”

It’s been almost a week and we still have a YS Prom hangover. We look back on our 19th birthday weekend through the #YSProm hashtag.




Ask anyone where they got that one-piece that looks like it fell off of a hush-hush designer’s secret rack and you’ll probably, realistically, get redirected to Bleach.

What started out as a blip on the SoundCloud radar eventually became one of the most engaging live acts of the electronic music scene.

Today is a great day, because it’s Friday, but also because it’s that time of the year again.

We don’t know about you, but the thing we craved the most after our unforgettable #YSProm last July 18 was more pizza from Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Throughout the succeeding days all we wanted in our tummies were some slices of Dear Darla, some Manhattan Meatlovers, and a bowl or two of Charlie Chan pasta.

Some of the food scene’s most exciting young chefs come together and pay it forward.


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