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When a state university student graduated with a near-perfect GPA, social media users gave her flak for being Chinese-Filipino. Is it time to confront our comfort with racial stereotypes?

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After #LoveWins, a Filipino-American filmmaker recalls how she came to terms with being gay and devoutly Catholic.

Sometimes we make mistakes. We slip up, forget birthdays, say hurtful things to people we love, or fail chemistry four times.

“‘You have no chill,’ she warned me discreetly. Of course I have no chill. There is no room for chill right now.’

New lifestyle shop Easy Skate-Surf threw a party and showed that cool can be easy.

Check out our Young Star Spotify to listen to the playlists! 2016 campaign playlists for some of the most talked about presidential candidates.

The second installment of our #YSCravings series takes us to Sweet Ecstasy. Yum!

After two transgender women were barred from entering a club, we ask ourselves: have we become comfortable with discrimination?

Few things in this world are truly necessary: food and a good pair of jeans are two of them. A writer jets off with Bobson Japan to a place where there is a lot of both.

To those of you who are going back to school this June, please do us a favor: thank your professors for telling you the exact font face, size and spacing to use for your school paper.

Everywhere We Shoot gathers over 100 local artists to show just how sweet home really is.

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