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If, like me, you’ve dreamt of making a personalized shirt a grade above the ones you wore with your barkada in high school — with that cheeky-yet-design-conscious prototype you’ve been working on, a quote from a seminal body of work (Mean Girls, Kanye West), or none of the above — just a very vague set of words punctuated rather randomly, then this DIY is for you. Consider it an act of redemption, or just a crafty way to spend an afternoon.

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Skateboarding is slowly coming back to our collective consciousness. Just take a look around—kids cruising on their boards are a very common sight in the streets. And sometimes, we can’t help but get just a bit jealous of how cool they all look.

We young people can’t afford our own houses yet, but we do own a hefty amount of real estate.

It’s one of those Friday nights again, and while you’d love to share a drink or five with friends, the thought of rubbing elbows with your slaggy Bio classmate at Privé just isn’t as appealing as it used to be. Raiding the liquor shelves of your local 7-11 may have been cool in school, but you’re all grown up now, aren’t you? And grown-ups, well… they not only know what they like, but they get it done on their own. That includes their favorite cocktails.

Daniel (name has been changed) was heartbroken and out of a job less than two years ago. He was lost and unsure after a short career as a real estate agent.

If you love music — and if you don’t, then get the hell out of here — then starting your own independent record label seems like an incredibly cool thing to do.

Sky Ferreira might skip the karaoke on the Manila leg of her Asian tour.

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Perhaps it was inevitable.

It may be hard to believe but in a few weeks, the third quarter of the year will come to a close. But before we immerse ourselves in the madness of the last quarter, it’s better to take a break and recharge to keep us going for the remaining months of 2014. There’s nothing wrong with hanging loose and having fun, but believe it or not, you can do it for a good cause.

At the risk of sounding basic, we think that a plain white T-shirt is a lot like your favorite comfort food — straightforward, simple, and whatever the occasion, always works. (Stuffing your face with a steaming plate of mac-’n’-cheese always feels good, after all.) But not many people realize that the best part about wearing a proverbial blank canvas is that it never quite looks the same on different people.

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