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While the city endures the last few gasps of the rainy season, there’s no shame in erring on the side of caution, ditching far-off plans, and staying indoors.

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We get it. There’s nothing more tempting than to spend your sembreak in a catatonic stupor. Three weeks of movie marathons, minimal showers, and twister fry deliveries? Sign us up, stat.

Admit it, life can be pretty mysterious sometimes. From the weird flying objects in New Mexico to why your crush didn’t text after promising that he would, and even those strange scratch marks on your laptop — there are just some things that are plain unexplainable.

Justifying our love for fashion can be tough work sometimes. Sure, stocking up our closets is primarily a matter of survival, but even we have to admit that 45 pairs of shoes for two feet can be a little ridiculous. (But so very awesome.)

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It’s honestly kind of sad that the circus is no longer cool. Gone are the days when our only sources of entertainment were the peryas that would set up camp in huge lots and gladly take our money for a few ring tosses and sideshow entertainment.

When you were a kid, your mother probably dragged you to department stores to shop. Bored, you went around looking for something to entertain yourself with.

There’s house parties and then there’s Sunnies parties.

A few weeks back, a Twitter account by the name of “Titas of Manila (@TitasOfManila)” came into our lives, a feed that presents the phrases we have come to know and love/hate from our so-called Titas, phrases like:

EXCLUSIVE! We’re giving away 10 units of Lumia 530 with Microsoft Devices.

When you think of feminists, the image of a chubby 25-year-old comic book geek might not be the first (or even tenth) image that’ll pop in your head.

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