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Who says nice guys finish last? From music to art to theater, meet the 10 guys who make hearts beat faster in Young STAR’s creative bachelors list.

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We ultimately have to pick sides in the battle between our ‘for nows’ and our ‘forevers.’

From Uber drivers to terror professors, here are eight unlikely people who deserve Valentine’s cards.

A quiz to find out if your romance is doomed to fail this hearts day.

When I think of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, two words come to mind: “Mommy porn.”

We chronicle the fall of the white rapper and examine the issue of cultural approriation.

Now that JK Rowling has introduced new wizarding schools in her ‘Harry Potter’ universe, we suspect there are a lot more hallowed halls of magical learning she’s just not telling us. From the tundras of Iceland to New Bilibid Prison, we uncover five more wizarding schools you should know about.

Potential conversations with everyone’s favorite ex-boy band member.

No one likes spending hours after work stuck in traffic.

If someone were to tell you this was a competition in which students were to fashion clothing collections out of 200 kilograms of recyclable materials, you would probably be expecting to see something straight out of Mad Max.

Whether you’re pro or anti, or divinely wapakels, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and there’s simply no way out of it.

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