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Christmas break is upon us. And guess what? You’re finally done  with school for the year! We believe that the best way to spend your break is with your friends and family, which only means one thing: Christmas parties. While celebrating the holidays with your friends over a box of delivery pizza is fun, family reunions are a bit more interesting.

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In which we learn that Christmas is a time of giving and growing up.

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There is a very special time of the year that I look forward to, every year. It’s a time of peace and goodwill, when troubles recede, however temporarily, and we are left to bask in the glow of family, friendship, and the finer things in life. Yes: I am referring to the months AFTER Christmas and New Year. December itself is hell to get through. Every year I lament the fact that I can’t just fast-forward straight through to Jan. 2.

Two years after its premiere, indie film ‘Ang Nawawala’ launches its DVD to the tune of some of your favorite local acts.

With Christmas only six days away (can you believe it?), it’s easy get caught up with holiday preparations. Your family might drag you to the mall this weekend to get some last-minute gift shopping done. Your friends might call a meeting to finalize the Christmas party plans for the barkada. Your thesis group mates might call for a celebratory karaoke night, maybe even a contest of who can sing Santa Tell Me best.

I arrived at Kamille’s house for a Christmas reunion of sorts and was greeted by homemade Cuba Libres, an ongoing game of Jenga, and a laptop perched on the drinking table with the host’s American boyfriend joining us live feed via Skype.

With the Internet going completely insane and out of control, stealing private photos and hacking into Hollywood movie studios, it’s no surprise that online trolls eventually got into the account of the enigmatic and elusive Santa Claus. Here now, exclusively obtained by Young STAR, are some of St. Nick’s private emails.

The greatest talk show of my generation is ending this month. The Colbert Report, after nine years, is airing its final broadcast in a couple of days. I am not looking forward to seeing it end. I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye.

“I’m obsessed with personalizing button-downs as gifts to people close to me. For my dad’s birthday, for instance, I had one of his drawings embroidered on chambray, his favorite kind of button-down fabric. Needless to say, he loved it!

I am sure you are often afraid to admit your anxieties, some of which may include the following: Am I ever going to make out with my hot Trigonometry classmate? What is that mole growing on my neck? And while we’re at it, how do I make my damn life Instagrammable?

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