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MM has world’s highest homeless population

MANILA, Philippines - Metro Manila has the highest homeless population in the world, according to an online site that compiles what it describes as “lesser-known intriguing information on a variety of subjects.”

A list of “25 Cities With Extremely High Homeless Populations” posted by List25.com on its website on April 29 showed that 22.8 million people, including 1.2 million children, are residing in slums in Metro Manila.

List25.com also said 300,000 more people are reported to have gone homeless following recent calamities that hit the Philippines.

The Unites States has the most number of homeless populations with 11 cities, it reported.

The descriptions about the 25 cities’ homeless were written by Juan Castillo, who has a Bachelor in Design from the University of Florida with a major in Architecture.

Castillo is currently working on an urban regional planning masters project.

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He said the information on the number of homeless is based on statistics released by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, which reported that around 100 million people worldwide are homeless.

The List25.com’s “25 Cities With Extremely High Homeless Populations” are as follows: Metro Manila; New York City; Los Angeles; Moscow; Mexico City; Jakarta; Mumbai; Buenos Aires (Argentina); Budapest (Hungary); Sao Paulo (Brazil);

San Francisco; Seattle (Washington); Athens; San Diego (California); Tampa (Florida); Rome; Washington; Chicago; Tokyo; Baltimore (Maryland); Rio de Janeiro; Dublin (Ireland); Indianapolis (Indiana); Denver (Colorado) and Lisbon (Portugal).


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