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On Bonifacio Day, Noy bashing of GMA never ends

MANILA, Philippines - The bashing never ends.

Even on the occasion of Bonifacio Day, President Aquino would not let pass the chance to lambast his predecessor Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, under whose nine-year term the Philippines had been mired in poverty and endemic corruption.

During the kick-off celebration in San Juan City yesterday to commemorate the 150th birthday next year of Andres Bonifacio, Aquino said that he managed to do what was deemed to be impossible during those dark years of Arroyo’s reign.

“Because of our unity and concern for others, we are now tracking the straight path,” he said.

Aquino stressed that the Philippines is now free, be it from colonization or deeply rooted corruption and that the country is ready to fight for what it duly owns.

Early this month, Aquino’s tirades against Arroyo - now under hospital arrest on charges of plunder and electoral sabotage - were ratcheted up to the international arena, as he made a pitch before his colleagues in the Asia-Europe Meeting in Laos.

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In a speech he delivered before members of the 9th ASEM in Vientiane, Aquino blamed the mess and economic woes the Philippines suffered on the Arroyo watch.

“We suffered during the Asian financial crisis, followed by the nine and a half years of misgovernance,” Aquino said during the summit.



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