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Jose Haresco - the new breed of Filipino businessmen

MANILA, Philippines - Deeply involved in developing and enhancing emerging markets, technologies, and opportunities, Jose Haresco, Business Development officer of Winace Holdings Philippines, Inc. (Leisure and Land Division), Jose Hares co represents the new breed of youth entering the world of Philippine business today.

They are trained from the get go to keep a firm eye on the ROI, without however losing focus on other issues that have long term effects on their business environment. They are aware of international issues, the environment, and most of all, the continued growth and sustained welfare of the people their businesses provide jobs for.

He is the son of Sylvia Veloso Adriano and Ang Kasangga Party-List Representative Teodorico “Ted” Haresco, Jr., himself an entrepreneur and one of the country’s most discerning economic and strategic minds.

Jose graduated from the University of Toronto’s Bachelor of the Arts (Honors) program, achieving double degrees in Economics and English Literature. He is also an alumnus in the International School of Manila, and PAREF Southridge for grade school.

Jose Haresco represents the changing face of Philippine business, which will benefit more from entrepreneurial businessmen – and businesses like these. At only 23, he will go a long way. That’s a good thing, because all throughout, he will carry on his back the interests of Philippine business.

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