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THAT DOES IT - Korina Sanchez (The Freeman) - December 23, 2020 - 12:00am

What else are we going to talk about but the viral media that has probably circled the globe? I have been in media for quite a long time and have witnessed many bad things but this is downright outrageous. And why am I not surprised that a policeman was involved especially under this administration? I'm sure many have seen the video of Joel Nuezca's brutal killing of Sonya and Frank Anthony Gregorio - I don't give a damn what rank he has - last Sunday afternoon. Whatever the reason for the heated argument, whether it stemmed from a long-standing right-of-way dispute or the racket caused by the firing of a "boga" by Frank Anthony, it should not have ended in a cold-blooded double murder.

The video shows Sonya trying to pacify both her son and Nuezca, along with the shrill cries of the victim's relatives. The whole incident caught on video from a vantage point where all their faces can be seen. Nuezca had the upper hand caused by the fear associated with him being armed. But the situation seems to have changed when the policeman's daughter came into play and started shouting "My father is a policeman!" at Sonya while also filming the whole incident. Why this family would allow a child to approach such a situation indicates the type of child-rearing they practice in that household. It was then that Nuezca seemed to look at the person filming the incident then shot Sonya and Frank Anthony at point-blank range. He even made sure Frank Anthony was done for when he shot him again as he fell to the ground. All this in front of his young daughter who seemed unaffected by what just happened, cellphone in hand.

What was he thinking? That he could get away with this because he is a policeman under this administration? His records show two other homicide cases last year that were dropped for lack of evidence and witnesses. What was his reason for coming out armed? Was there a threat to his life? I did not see anything in the video to justify that. Did he show off to his daughter because she was proud he was a police officer? And if this monster had many previous administrative cases, why was he still in the service?

The Palace immediately issued an explanation that Nuezca was just one "bugok", for lack of an appropriate English word. What if you come across another "bugok"? Is the Palace sure he is the only "bugok" in the PNP? What defense do ordinary people have against an armed "bugok"? And please no more statements from the PNP that this was an isolated case, that he blacked out and was not thinking straight. How many times have we heard the PNP explain police involvement in crime and corruption as an isolated case? If there are many cases then these are no longer isolated. This is the image currently enjoyed by the PNP. That of killers and monsters in their ranks while the citizenry is outraged.

How many years will it again take for this case to be heard and tried? With strong evidence at hand, the court should make an example of this. This monster must spend the rest of his demonic life in prison. He cannot be brought back to society, I don't care if he "showed character by surrendering". He must not wriggle free this time which seems to be the norm on administrative cases against police officers.

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