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Red Monkey 2016 Business Outlook

Feng Shui Master Aldric Dalumpines - The Freeman

CEBU, Philippines - While monkey business rules 2016, any well meaning fellow can still do business and profit with honor. How? By sticking to his or her lucky element in order to prosper with effortless ease.

The ruling elements of 2016 in feng shui are fire over metal. While this indicates lots of conflicts and burned relationships among business stakeholders, there is a glimmer of opportunity for the lucky ones.

The key is to look at what will be the balancing element needed in this situation. And the year lacks water element! So in the order of business agenda battle, any water-related business will be the most profitable this 2016. Water in feng shui symbolizes money. Or simply, finance.

So what businesses fall under water element? Banking in all its spectrum of services from commercial, specialized lending programs, consumer financing, and even sperm banking! Even the neighborhood usurious five-six "bombay" or underground loan sharks will have their monkey business heydays, so to speak!

Lending investors, pawnshops, and all types of financing from agricultural tractor, motorbike, vehicle, to ship or accounts receivable factoring - any form of financial intermediation will boom this year with or without the so-called bubbles. Aside from the money market industries, any business literally connected with water - bulk water supply, mineral water, water services, water districts, fishponds, aquaculture, pet shops selling aqua products and services, water distributors, along with mass media communications using saliva as medium of expression like broadcast and social viral mediums, digital or not, will also boom! Related to this, show business is a water element business! Careers in movies, television as well as the whole tri-media will thrive to next level progressions.

So much so for water businesses. Next in the order of battle to win the business war in 2016 are elements that can, like water, control fire. These are the earth-related elements in business.

So real estate will continue its boom on the supply side disregarding any slack in demand for the year in all sectors.

Agribusiness products and services will complement this as food production and distribution will also spike given the temporary relief of low oil prices that spurs discounts on transportation or freight costs of producers, manufacturers as well as distributors across all market channels. For the layman at home, "agree" business especially with your wife will prosper you in 2016. So selling rice, sugar and other agricultural products in your neighborhood or for export will not be a bad idea at all.

Same for dry fish produce as it combines both elements of water and earth. By the way, speaking of water, ice plants and the conventional neighborhood "ice for sale" retail entrepreneurship will level up in demand against an El Nino backdrop.

Memorial parks and columbaries as well as funerary services will also boom being earth related industries. Beverages like softdrinks, tea, coffee, liquor, and designer drinks from local vodka to yes, marijuana derivative absinthe will also enjoy brisk sales, the election time as stimulus. Now is the best time for local governments to float municipal bonds for their local development projects be it for barangay markets, hospitals, ports, transport terminals, schools and any technological or livelihood training centers - yes, even call centers.

Avoid too much fire this year lest you get burned or burnt out. Thus, any fire related business will have to take it slow by slow, so to speak: oil-related industries from gasoline stations, companies, as well as LPG!

Restaurants and food-cum-fire related businesses as in kiosks, food center locators all the way to the corner "ihaw ihaw" or "tapsilogan" joints shall take care. The saying goes in feng shui... you cannot stop fire with fire.

So there, with this microeconomic feng shui perspectives magnified to their macroeconomic butterfly effects, with water lacking indicates shortage of money or capital financing. Thus, those in the market who can bridge financial gaps will make it like striking gold or winning the lotto!

Now you will ask: How do I know my business acumen element luck in feng shui? You are lucky to read this article for out of the mirth of the humane kindness of my heart, I now share the secret code on this for one and all, so you know how to identify the "haw siaw" feng shui (bullshit feng shui artists) from the true master.

As a predicate in determining your eventful element year based on your birthday, here is the nominal code to follow, a secret until now. Take the last digit of your year of birth and see what element of year you were born: If birth year ends in: 0 or 1 then you were born in a Metal Year; 2 or 3 is a Water year; 4 or 5 is Wood; 6 or 7 is Fire; 8 or 9 is Earth.

The above completes the nominal assessment of the five elements for all people for all years. Now, if you want to level this up for wealth, prosperity and happiness in business, that is another story. This shall be the story of your personal transformation from a life of quiet desperation to progressive pursuit of happiness in wealth and health! How? My contact number for your formal feng shui guidance or consultation on how to have or make your business prosper or harness all the luck you can get: 09993128168 (text first with your name) or personal-message me on Facebook via FengShui Aldric.

Just remember what's cooking in 2016 businesswise and do not be half-cooked for the year! Kong hei fat choi! (FREEMAN)

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