Secrets from the fountain of youth
Dr. Rebecca Singson, 62, says she has never dyed her jet-black hair, takes no carbohydrates in her diet, works out every day and has had no need for maintenance medicines.
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Secrets from the fountain of youth
PEOPLE - Joanne Rae M. Ramirez (The Philippine Star) - September 22, 2020 - 12:00am

My gynecologist Rebecca Singson, who is 62, says she has not yet dyed or colored her jet-black long hair. She does high-intensity interval training daily despite a carbohydrates-free diet. She also says she has no need for any maintenance medicines for any condition. Her fountain of youth? Her diet.

Now, I am not endorsing this diet since I haven’t tried it, but, with your own family doctor’s go-signal, it is an option for those who suffer from asthma attacks, infertility and other conditions. And in Dr. Singson’s case, an option for those who want to bottle some secrets from the fountain of youth.

Dr. Singson is vice chairman of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Asian Hospital, past chairman of the Department of OBGYN of St. Luke’s Global City Medical Center, and consultant at the Makati Medical Center.

“I had a patient who was infertile after being married for 10 years with the first husband. With the second husband, after being infertile for four years, they did three intrauterine inseminations, each one failed. They tried IVF, it also failed. By the time she was 42 years old, they wanted to do another IVF. I said, ‘No, you have to do a food intolerance test.’ They heeded my advice and followed the results of their food intolerance test very strictly for three months. On the fourth month, they became spontaneously pregnant and had a live baby boy! I have two other cases for robotic surgery, one with a 14-cm. ovarian mass, infertile for four years and another one, infertile for eight years with a 15-cm. myoma. I changed their diet and prescribed supplements. The lockdown caused a delay in surgery but now both are pregnant despite their pelvic masses after being infertile for so long,” begins Becky.

A miracle? Or a miraculous discovery?

Either way, it has worked for some of Becky’s patients. So, what exactly is this anti-inflammatory diet?

“One of the most trailblazing concepts that I have used that have reversed a lot of disorders for my patients is the concept of eliminating inflammatory food. Understanding food intolerance can be a game changer in restoring one’s health and preventing disease,” Becky shared during a webinar organized by the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society Foundation.

According to Becky, citing sources, there is a slew of ailments and conditions associated with food intolerance: rashes, urticaria, asthma and gastrointestinal symptoms suggestive of irritable bowel syndrome.

How do you differentiate food allergies from food intolerance? Becky says the onset of response to IgE antibodies that lead to allergies is immediate and life threatening and you often can self-diagnose an allergy. Food intolerance may show reactions within 72 hours or not at all.

How do you know which food you should eliminate from your diet?

“The list is personal depending on your constitution,” Becky states. “There is a blood test available in the market called the food intolerance test. It uses 222 specific food extracts to identify the corresponding level of IgG antibodies to detect possible food triggers to which the immune system is reacting. It gives you a red, a yellow and a green list and ideally, you should eat only from the green list. The red list of food shows a high level of antibodies detected so you should eliminate these types of food from the diet, the yellow food list shows a moderate level of antibodies detected. These types of food should be reduced or rotated for at least three months. The food on the green list can be eaten ad libitum.”

Becky reveals that of the 100 of her female patients who underwent the food intolerance test, 87 percent were intolerant to milk, 84 percent were intolerant to wheat and 82 percent were intolerant to eggs, usually to egg whites.

“So these are the three top foods I eliminate from their diet when faced with any health problems,” she says.

“Eating low inflammatory food and anti-inflammatory supplements like probiotics and omega fatty acids can be transformative in improving your health. Remember that the food you eat can either be the safest, most powerful medicine or the slowest form of poison,” Becky declares.

(For best results, consult your doctor.)

‘Glow like snow’

So, how does one “glow like snow?”

Britory (Bra?t(?)ri) — a skin care company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea — brings to the Philippines the newest products that create “glass skin that glows like snow” to help bring about brighter, more glowing skin.

With a play on the words Bright+Laboratory, Britory focuses on developing products that treat the “3As” — appearance, aging, and acne. Developed by Korean cosmetics and skin care experts from ISO-certified laboratories, Britory aims to deliver a pure and real “next generation” skin care line that gives “glass skin that glows like snow.”

Bela Padilla.

Sharing her experience with the product line is the brand’s co-owner, Bela Padilla. Her vast experience in working on sets for hours as a film and TV actress pushed her to find the perfect serum and cream to keep her skin healthy, and glowing with or without makeup.

“I’ve been quite busy during this quarantine period, but for me, it’s always a good thing to take care of yourself no matter the circumstance. When we first discussed Britory, I had just finished filming a project in Korea. I learned a lot from my experience there, and now I’m more fascinated with their culture and that includes K-Beauty. I love how we only have two products in our line but they’re more than enough, because they’re packed with quality ingredients and have such amazing formulations that they really help make my skin ‘glow like snow’.”

Stored in winter snow-themed packaging, the brand’s two main products reportedly give quite a punch in formulation to give the best skin care benefits: Britory Like Snow Serum and Britory Like Snow Cream.

According to Britory, Like Snow Serum is a functional serum that gives glass skin that glows like snow. Britory Like Snow Cream, on the other hand, contains additional ingredients to help soften and lighten the skin as it works its way into the skin’s layers.

After all, the quest to be healthy doesn’t exclude the quest to look beautiful.

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