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Our biggest problem

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Every time there’s a deliberation in Congress to approve or defend a proposed national budget, it always seems like “big budget” is the solution to our problems as a nation – as though “budget” is god to our officials.

Don’t we realize by now that much of the national budget, year in and year out, just goes to the pockets of alligators in the government and private sectors? Can we not think of better ways to govern the country, thereby finally achieve our elusive dreams as a people? What about a real, no-nonsense program for national transformation to address the depravity of the human heart and so eradicate the root of all evils in society?

What could be baser than that which can be measured and solved only by money? Money works wonders for good or bad. It is immensely powerful, such that wicked men should not possess it beyond what they need to survive for chances to repent. Money is a tool that can make people and countries well, particularly those who may die of hunger, if money is in the hands of righteous leaders.

But if money is allotted to crooks or corrupt government officials and becomes the center around which everything in our life revolves, we are tricked, tripped and duped to burn in Hades even before we die.

There’s no place where money is not inferior to things truly vital to human existence. Gold is never above virtue. Hence, there’s no way that money can be God. But, alas, almighty mammon is becoming more and more the object of worship to billions of people around the globe with absolute, willful disregard of faith and of what is right and wrong.

No wonder wars and human suffering won’t go away. Atheists, Christians, Muslims and other religions are no different when it is money that’s on the table. They all have identical left and right hands to grab it.

Living faith is what we need.

The avaricious is himself anathema to a fulfilling, satisfying life. He says enough but just upon hitting the abyss of utter misery and hopelessness. Who could be worse than the person who is set ablaze by his consuming love for money?

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” I Timothy 6:10

When money is your biggest problem, then you are the problem, not money.  – Reni M. valenzuela, renivalenzuelaletters@yahoo.com

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