The stars of Viva Films’ Hindi Tayo Pwede bare themselves as they’ve never done before. Lovi Poe: What I like about myself is being a perfectionist. You will produce work that you are happier about…
Who says three is a crowd?
CONVERSATIONS - Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) - March 1, 2020 - 12:00am

The “dressing” of Hindi Tayo Pwede is French but it doesn’t refer to any kind of salad but the love scenes that regular followers of director Joel Lamangan’s movies might find somewhat, well, unsettling.

“Yes,” revealed Joel during the presscon for the movie that starts showing nationwide on Wednesday, March 4, “there’s a French-kissing scene,” adding when he sensed that movie writers were wondering how he knew about it, “ginagawa ko rin ‘yon eh,” without saying who he was doing it with.

Neither did he disclose who among the movie’s stars — Lovi Poe, Tony Labrusca and Marco Gumabao — did it (so you just have to find out for yourself when you watch the movie).

“I have done countless love scenes in countless movies but it’s the first time that I didn’t have a hard time doing them,” admitted Joel. “Ask any director and he will tell you that the hardest scene to do is a love scene. My three stars in this movie were cooperative and ‘game,’ and they did exactly what I told them to do. If I may add, the love scenes are not offensive, hindi nakakasuka, and they won’t hurt the sensibility of the audience.”

Written by Ricky Lee, Hindi Tayo Pwede is the story of Gabby (Lovi) and Gabriel (Tony). Things take an unexpected turn for the happy couple when Gabriel gets into a car crash on the eve of their wedding. Devastated, Gabby finds comfort in Dennis (Marco), the couple’s close friend. Gabby’s dilemma: who does she really want to be with?

The movie theme song is the same-titled The Juans’ hit which has over 45 million streams in various platforms.

Who would you be if you were not an actor?

Lovi: I’d be Dr. Poe. Hahaha!!! A psychiatrist.

Tony: A professional gamer.

Marco: Basketball player.

Tony Labrusca: I don’t like how hard I am on myself, but at the same time I like how I always dream really big

Who do you consider as the best adviser of your life?

Lovi: No one in particular. I usually listen to every person I trust and just take bits and pieces from them.

Tony: The Lord God. 

Marco: My parents.

Marco Gumabao: What I like about myself is I have a strong relationship with God…. What I don’t like about myself is I have a tendency to procrastinate.

Who are your favorite actors and why them?

Lovi: I’m a big fan of Alicia Vikander. I think she’s just very skillful and she can play all types of roles. Viola Davis, for obvious reasons. And Denzel Washington, a fantastic actor.

Tony: I never really had a favorite actor.

Marco: Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio because of their range in acting.

Director Joel Lamangan (seated, left, with Lovi and writer Ricky Lee) and Tony and Marco: I love my three stars. They were cooperative. They did exactly what I wanted them to do in the love scenes… (meaning bold and daring although not offensive and won’t hurt the sensibility of the audience

What is the biggest mistake that you have committed and how did you correct it?

Lovi: Wasted time. I just try to live my life in the best way possible on a day-to-day basis. I do things every day that my future self will thank me for. 

Tony: Not saying sorry.

Marco: Maybe not finishing school? I haven’t corrected it yet, though.

What have you discovered about each other during the  shoot?

Lovi: Sometimes you’d think the most in-demand people exude nothing but pure confidence. I just find it very human that even at their best, they always push and feel that they can strive for more. Makes me admire them.

Tony: Lovi is a simple girl, very chill.

Marco: Tony and Lovi are genuinely nice people, so easy to work with. Si Lovi marami kumain pero sexy pa rin, hahaha!!!

What do you like and not like about yourself?

Lovi: Being a perfectionist. With it, you will produce work that you’re happier about but you always stress and overthink about things that people are even unaware of.

Tony: I don’t like how hard I am on myself, but at the same time I like how I always dream really big. 

Marco: Siguro what I like about myself is that I have a strong relationship with God, and I can say that my heart is full. In Him, I am contented. What I don’t like about myself is I have a tendency to procrastinate.

Where are you most comfortable?

Lovi: Home.

Tony: When I’m around people I love.

Marco: At home, with my family.

Where on earth do you want to settle down after showbiz?

Lovi: I haven’t really thought of it. I guess it’s not about where but about the state I’m in. I just want to be happy and see the things I’ve worked hard for grow and grow.

Tony: Maybe LA.

Marco:  As of now, Siargao….but that can change, hahaha!!! Basta, beach!

Where do you go to unwind?

Lovi: New beautiful cities…my imagination…when I read a book…a place with a view.

Tony: The beach.

Marco: The beach.

When are you at your utmost performance level?

Lovi: All the time when I’m at work at least. I don’t like doing things half-baked. 

Tony: At work.

Marco: I achieve to do my level best in anything I do.

When did you have your “most down” moment and how did you deal with it?

Lovi: Sometimes stress gets to you and you get anxious about random things but the best thing is to get up and get on with your day. Trust the process. Know what you’re capable of and remind yourself that you’ve got a great support system around you.

Tony: Last year, first quarter. Well, I realized that I could either fail myself and let everyone down, and rise above it and prove everyone wrong.

Marco: When I am belittled.

When is the time to say, “Enough is enough”?

Lovi: When there’s no growth anymore. 

Tony: When you believe that you have done more than enough.

Marco: I’m not the type of person who says enough because I keep going no matter what.

When is the right time to get married?

Lovi: The right time is when you find the right person. It’s not about when but about who you decide to spend the rest of your life with.

Tony: In my opinion, it’s when you are financially stable and have reached your goals in life and are ready to settle down in to a new chapter.

Marco: When God tells you when.

How daring can you be for, uhm, “art’s sake”?

Lovi: If it’s an acting piece, I try to push the limit.

Tony: Not as daring as most actors are, I think.

Marco: Secret!

How do you prepare for the shoot of a (torrid) love scene?

Lovi: It’s never really torrid it’s usually just part of the story. I mean, in reality when people are in love, they make love. And they show that on film. It just gets magnified for certain reasons. But you never really come prepared because every director has his own vision and you just have to be open to collaborating with your director during the shooting process.

Tony: I don’t prepare.

Marco: Dapat mabango ka palagi.

How, if and when, would you win the nod (approval if not affection) of your in-laws? 

Lovi: I’m not really sure but I guess just be yourself and be the best person you can be to your partner and to other people. Be nice to everyone even the ones who can’t do anything for you in return. You really don’t have to put in extra effort or try to come across as an amazing human being if you really are. The truth shines through eventually.

Tony: Hmmmm, I wonder how?

Marco: If you can prove to them na you love their daughter and aalagaan mo siya your whole life.

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