Once again (famous movie remakes)

Joy Jonette Chuyaco - The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – “History repeats itself,” as a famous saying goes. This has been proven true for a lot of situations, and it also holds true for films. Through the years, many remakes have been produced. Usually, these are the hits of the past that filmmakers feel they can make better or just thought of bringing the memories back. Surprisingly, remakes almost always get a good response — guess, most people like the good ol’ days! Here are some of the remakes that have entertained us, once again:

Clash of the Titans (original: 1981; remake: 2010). Original or latest version, it doesn’t matter; mythology-themed movies are, most of the time, box-office hits. While it is obvious that effects and sound-wise, the remake is a lot better, the original still has its qualities that make it stand on its own.

Carrie (original: 1976; remake: 2013). A classic horror movie from the master of horror Stephen King, Carrie came back on screen to give the new generation a feel of her wrath — beware bullies! Although the remake wasn’t a big hit as the original, it surely did bring back the memories of Carrie.

Godzilla (original: 1954; remake: several). The vicious creature originally from Japan made its way to the international scene not just once but several times, not to mention new plans of remaking it are (again!) on the way. Well, there’s no denying that Godzilla is on its track to being a classic.

King Kong (original: 1933; remake: 1976, 2005). The gigantic gorilla is a no-joke for it has made its mark not just in Hollywood but also in the international scene. He is actually adorable but not when he is angry. One of the famous scenes from the original movie is when he took a woman and put her at the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Remember this quote, “…It was beauty that killed the beast”? 

The Nightmare on Elm Street (original: 1984; remake: 2010). Who would dare sleep right after watching this movie? Freddy Kruger is a sure-to-scare character with his sharp claws and burnt face. Its original is still the best, especially Robert Englund as Freddy K.  —  amazingly terrifying! But, of course, the latest version brought back the good ol’ scary feeling.

Father of the Bride (original: 1950, remake: 1991). Ah, the feeling of giving their daughters’ hands to their husbands-to-be. The film is about how a father who, at first, was in denial, learns to accept the fact that it’s time to let go of his little girl who’s all grown-up and ready to marry. There were changes here and there for both the original and the remake but one thing is for sure: It is truly a touching film.   

Planet of the Apes (original: 1968; remake: 2001). It was actually a surprise for viewers when the 1968 science-fiction film was remade in 2001 but nonetheless, it garnered more fans from the new generation. The film’s comeback was well-received by audience and so two more films followed, which were also hits.

Ocean’s 11 (original: 1960; remake: 2001). It all started in 1960 when Danny Ocean and his impressively talented team hit theaters and created a mark in Hollywood’s “heist movie” history. Their comeback in 2001 proved this right, as audience flocked to the cinemas once again to see their antics at robbing casinos simultaneously — although this is not something we condone. 

RoboCop (original: 1987; remake: 2014). Although the story has been changed a bit in the latest version, it still has RoboCop as its hero, and that is the most important of all. Obviously, the latest one has improved effects, but the original story is still the choice of many.

Cape Fear (original: 1962; remake: 1991). A former convicted client is out and about to get even, not with his accuser but against his former attorney. Believing that he deserved better, Max Cady is not going to stop until he gets his so-called justice. Times change, and so are restrictions in films. The 1991 remake was more intense and gave Max Cady more options for his revenge plans.


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