Post-Father's Day feature 1: 700 Club Asia hosts honor their dads
Post-Father's Day feature 1: 700 Club Asia hosts honor their dads
Rosalinda L. Orosa (The Philippine Star) - June 22, 2011 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines - Father’s Day is a season of cherishing the things our dads did to us. It is a time of thanking them for the contributions they have made in our lives.

The 700 Club Asia hosts look back on the unforgettable events they’ve had with their fathers, and how it contributed to who they are today.

What is your most memorable moment with your dad?

Peter Kairuz: “One was when he said to me, ‘I know that you’ve been learning how to drive behind my back. The driver has been teaching you. So now, here are the keys… I want to see how good you can drive.’ I cannot forget that moment that he actually handed me the keys... like he was saying to me, ‘I’m willing to trust you with my car. Let’s see how good you are.’”

Mari Kaimo: “My most memorable moment with my father was the week before he died. And it was the first time that he opened up his heart to us about what it was like for him, how he struggled with growing up away from his family.”

Kata Inocencio: “Many years down the road, on my 41st birthday, my dad told my guests, ‘Of all my children, she gave me the most headaches. But of all my children, I am most proud of her.’ He saw my own transformation as I saw his.”

Gospel singer Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon: “That time when he just let me cry in his arms when it dawned upon me that in a few weeks he would be giving me away to my future husband. Then on my wedding day, he walked with me wearing dark glasses because it was his turn to cry.”

2009 Mrs. Philippines Universe Camilla Kim-Galvez: “When I was only five, my Daddy would bring my brother and me to watch him play tennis. In between games, he would try to teach us how to swing the racket. When I was growing up, we’d spar with each other playfully by kicking or giving each other judo chokes. He was a black belt in judo, taekwondo and karate.”

Theater actor Icko Gonzalez: “I’ll never forget the time when we went to an arcade and he won a game and gave me his prize, a tiger stuff toy!”

What are the things you’ve learned from your dad that you are still applying now?

Peter: “My dad is a fantastic salesman. He said to me, ‘A customer is a customer. Whether he or she is well-dressed, smelling good, nice shoes, or whether he comes inside the store wearing slippers, he is still a customer.’ In other words, he taught me how to value people as a person, not because of how they look or what they’re wearing.”

Mari: “Very big deal sa akin yung integrity — the need not to be corrupt, the need not to allow corruption to enter your system. And so even early in life, nandoon na sa akin na don’t go anywhere near corruption.”

Kata: “He taught me how to give without expecting anything in return, to live a life of integrity, to never get involved in anything illegal nor accept or give a bribe, to never speak ill of anyone, to always respect elders and to help family members, and to be proud of our heritage as Filipinos.”

Felichi: “Dad was very encouraging with his words that helped build our self-esteem. When I became a parent, I chose to adapt this style of connecting and communicating with my kids. As a result, I observe that they are able to open up to me easily.”

Camilla: “Eat a lot of vegetables, drink a lot of water and do a lot of sports. Don’t boast about what you have. Money is not important. Do something for society. Take care of your employees. When it came to career choices, my Daddy would always say, ‘Just do what you believe in.’”

Icko: “To talk. To be more open. He said this is something he wished he had more of while growing up. Now he is applying it more with us his children, and he appreciates the value of it.”

If you’re face-to-face with your dad, what would you tell him?

Peter: “Papa, thank you so much for loving me, the way you loved me, and teaching me how to value people, teaching me how important family is and spending time together. And all these things I’m applying today, a lot of them I learned from you, so I just want to say, thank you, Dad.”

Mari: “Before my dad died, I never had a chance to ask him to forgive me for being so rebellious. If he was here, I’d ask him for forgiveness for being the son that I was, for not being the son I could have been to him.”

Felichi: “I’m so blessed to have you as my dad. You are a precious gift to us, and because of the way you fathered us, it was not difficult for us to believe that we have a loving Heavenly Father who protects us and who wants only the best for us.”

Camilla: “No matter how old I get, I know I’ll always be your precious Baby Girl. Thank you, Daddy, for loving me unconditionally. Happy Father’s Day!”

Icko: “Looking forward to spending more time with you, whether it be just having coffee, looking at painting in galleries, or just sharing a meal. Love you, Pa.”

The 700 Club Asia airs Mondays to Fridays at 11 p.m. on GMA News TV.

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