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I have the right to speak

I also have the right to speak.

Regardless of our education, public image or wealth, we are all Filipinos with equal rights. The freedom of speech is not exclusive to chosen individuals or groups; it is a freedom that is for everyone. I use my blog to spread the good achievements of the President and his administration, and to express my opinion on recent events since Social Media has now evolved – it is now a platform that we can use to express our beliefs and to enjoy our freedom of speech.

I have never reported the anti-Duterte Facebook pages or the pages that mock me and my intelligence because I believe that we are all entitled to our own opinion. Yet recently, some people have tried to shut down my blog, they have tried to silence my voice claiming that I am spreading fake news, encouraging hate and creating division. I am not perfect; I am open to be corrected if ever I made a mistake of sharing something that is not true. But shutting down my blog and silencing me show that it is not your intention to fight misinformation, it shows your true goal which is to take down a blog that shows positive information about the present administration.

And this is what creates the division – while we want people to be united and to support the President’s actions for faster progress and betterment of our country, there are groups that are so focused only on criticizing the President and taking him down. This is also the cause of our hate – I am not spreading hate in my blog, it just so happened that I share the same sentiments of ordinary people that you demean by calling them Dutertards, Stupid or Moron just because they oppose your views. These are the people that give me strength, their messages for me not to give up and the idea that I am representing their voice as well. I believe it is now time for the ordinary people to rise and teach some people a bit of humility. Now, if you still believe that I am using my blog to spread fake news, then I challenge you to file a case against me and let’s go to court.

Like you, I have the right to speak, to express my opinions and to fight for what I believe in. My blog is not a news outlet; I am simply expressing my thoughts and opinions.

I am not a journalist. It is public knowledge that I am a Duterte supporter so don’t ask for balanced reporting since that is the job of the mainstream media. But if you are affected by people unfollowing you and following my blog then maybe it is time for you to start being balanced in your way of reporting. And for some Facebook pages, maybe it is time for you to stop doing things for money and start helping your country.

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To my fellow ordinary people who are lending me their strength and their voice, our fight for change is not yet done. I will continue to fight for you and with you. I took this opportunity (no salary) to use it, to make sure that the collective voice of ordinary people is heard and to expose the truth no matter who is in our way. We will not give up! I believe that together we can change the course of our country toward a better tomorrow.

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