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John Lloyd Cruz seen leaving a resto with Ellen Adarna

Team Elloyd? Ellen's friends posted sweet photos of the “Home Sweetie Home” co-stars on Instagram.

MANILA, Philippines — Days before John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna's photos in their Cebu weekend getaway went viral on social media, a Philstar.com writer spotted the two in a restaurant in Quezon City.

The reporter claimed to have seen the pair leaving the restaurant together with Ellen's friends on a Saturday evening, a week before they went to Cebu.

After leaving the restaurant, the reporter observed that Ellen's friends left on a separate car while Ellen and John Lloyd seemingly rode off in another vehicle with just the two of them inside. 

The two were walking very close to each other, side by side, separate from their friends.

In recent interviews with Philstar.com, Ellen said she is open for a relationship, but John Lloyd is not yet ready since he has issues to sort out. Cruz, on the other hand, chose to stay mum, saying that questions about his relationship status are very personal, so he does not want to talk about it. 

Netizens have mixed reactions on the possible "Team Elloyd" love affair. After an episode in the sitcom "Home Sweetie Home" that showed the characters of John Lloyd and Ellen mistaken to have a love fair, some netizens have been wishing that the two would make things real. After all, as the netizens say, both of them are single, good-looking and young. 

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After their Cebu photos and videos went viral, however, some netizens said that Ellen is not good for John Lloyd's "image" and reputation. 

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John Lloyd Cruz spends weekend with Ellen Adarna

Is Ellen Adarna open for a relationship with John Lloyd Cruz?


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