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TIMELINE: DECA Homes through the years

MANILA, Philippines – DECA Homes started from the vision of three friends who want to offer affordable and good-quality homes to Filipinos through mass housing. Initially, it focused on building residential properties in provinces, particularly in Cagayan de Oro with its first project, Villa Candida. 
Through the years, DECA Homes has expanded its borders, constructing more houses in Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Cavite and now, developing an urban home in the metro.
The public listing of its mother company, 8990 Holdings Inc., marks another milestone to its journey.
Walk through DECA Home’s journey with this interactive timeline.
[View timeline's full screen view]

For inquiries, you may contact DECA Homes at (082) 255-1796 (Davao), (412) 5173-79 (Cebu), (033) 337-1065 (Iloilo), 0915-558-8168, or 0942-809-0168.


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