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An American favorite spreads good taste in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - Concept restaurants have emerged as big business in this food-loving nation, with adventurous diners always on the look-out for new and exciting cuisine. The rate of success however can be depicted as far lesser than the total number of opening shops — a fact that constantly challenges restaurateurs to come up with original and unique concepts that can attract patronage among Filipino diners.

Those which do succeed somehow share a similar formula: a world-class, global appeal; flavorful cuisine, attractive plating, big servings, and cozy interiors which work together to combine dining rituals with the Pinoys’ incessant need for socializing with friends or family, over lunch or dinner.

Among the new batch of these themed dining restaurants is Peanut Butter Company (PBCo.), which delivers a novel concept in the resto scene. At the heart of the restaurant chain is an all-time American comfort food which has found its way into the diet of Filipinos, albeit a breakfast or snack staple: peanut butter.

PBCo. is definitely changing the way Filipinos view this creamy spread by presenting an array of gourmet dishes and treats infused with the flavor of peanut butter. As the restaurant tagline suggests, the people behind PBCo. are happily “spreading life’s little comforts” for those who have come to appreciate the new delightful flavors and delicacies offered by peanut butter.

The success of the restaurant is manifested by the opening of three more branches, the latest of which is found in the premier business district of Makati. Located at the ground level of Paseo Center in Paseo de Roxas, Makati office workers now flock to this specialty restaurant during lunch and dinner time.

The company’s SM North branch is also set to be relocated to Katipunan Ave. across Ateneo de Manila University, to bring the goodness of peanut butter to the students and residents from the area.

“Many of our patrons come from the campuses across Metro Manila. So instead of them coming to us, we’re moving closer to them. It’s time for more students to get a taste of the goodness of our peanut butter creations,” said Howard Tan, marketing manager of PBCo.

With this winning streak, PBCo. has announced that it is officially opening its doors to franchising.

“PBCo. is now open to franchising opportunities for enterprising individuals or groups. We are confident of this move for expansion after attracting a lot of attention from people who have adventurous appetites and a craving for comfort food,” added Tan.

All PBCo.’s dishes are offered in large servings that can be shared with the whole family, a true value for money deal for discriminating consumers. For those who want to try a portion of everything, PBCo. is also offering “half-sandwiches”, or bite-size varieties at lower prices (around P35 each).

For a race born with a sweet tooth, such treats are sure-fire hits for diners. These smart strategies, along with the unique concept and exciting menu can only mean “sweet” victory for PBCo.

PBCo.’s branches are located at SM Mall of Asia, Paseo Center in Makati, and soon to open in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. For inquiries, call 621-5110 or SMS: 0917-546-9273 or e-mail:

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