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FEEL THE GAME - Bobby Motus (The Freeman) - May 31, 2019 - 12:00am

In an article on WebMD by Matt McMillen, it said that the benefits of exercise are numerous but to get the most for optimum health, it advises to accompany our gym time with sports.  Clinical studies showed that people who exercise and play sports in their 50s tend to be more active as they get older compared to others who do less strenuous activities.

Sports medicine specialist Michael Jonesco said that sports do more than the cardiovascular health that fitness gym exercise do.  He said that sports require us to act and react in an instant that helps improve our hand/eye coordination, lateral movements and balance.  But prior to getting into our game gears, he strongly advises to talk first to our doctors and take into consideration any health issues we’re having.

On what kind of sport we have to play, Jonesco said to play the sport we enjoy the most.  “Whatever you like and whatever your body can tolerate.  That’s what makes it sustainable”, he said.

Twenty years ago, we could be enjoying a fast game of football, basketball, volleyball or tennis as we’re yet on our prime years.  Not this time.  Yes, we could still play these games but with an easy pace and with our age group.  It would be unwise to play with the much younger set as the tendency is for us to push our limits even if not ‘kaya’ anymore.  The results could be disastrous.

In my elementary and high school years, I had a working knowledge of basketball and football and liked to play these games.  After high school, because a wide field is needed for football, basketball was the sport of choice and played the game with friends whenever we can – after classes, weekends, early mornings or early evenings. 

Years passed and because we now had different paths, seldom do we get the chance to play.   One night not too long ago, we were somehow gathered and decided to play ball and booked a gym for 2 hours for a game.  Long story short, we had fun but because I haven’t played for a long time, I had chills in the middle of the night and eventually had fever for two days.  Yes, because of over exertion. 

Jonesco said that we must know our limits.  “Play too hard and for too long and you risk injury.  Schedule breaks and if necessary, reduce your time in the game.”  Thinking that I can still do it, I also had a dose of my wife’s verbal remedy for being stupid.

If we plan to get serious with sports at our age, it is important for us, aside from our doctors, to consult also a sports nutritionist so we can eat well as engaging in any sporting activity demands good nutrition to fuel us.  Jonesco advised on hydration and to do it 3 to 4 days in advance, not to wait on game day to take on liquids.

“The real benefit of sports comes from the social interaction, the stress reduction, the communication and the competition that playing sports provides.”  Agree.  Post-game gatherings are always fun and in group gatherings, there will always be one or two clowns among friends livening up the company.

Jonesco added, “Play with friends and you’ll likely keep playing.  You’ll have more fun and they will hold you accountable if you’re a no show.”

All work and no play makes us dull and cranky.



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