City intensifies action vs dengue

CEBU, Philippines —  The Cebu City government has intensified its action to stem the rise in dengue cases and deaths, with health authorities going around the barangays to do information dissemination, misting, search and destroy initiative, and curtain impregnation.

Although the cases have not gone up to a couple of thousands like in the past, the “significant increase and deaths” this year as against last year’s data have caused some alarm and concern to officials.

Based on CHD’s report, over 400 cases and 13 deaths linked to dengue have been reported in the city since January of this year.

“That is a serious thing we have to do and the city health program thought about it and, of course, there was an alarm and concern. History mangabot to kaniadto, a decade, maabot og four thousand. Right now we are not reaching that thousand-thousand, but we have to look at it, tan-aw ta naay patay, and it has to be addressed,” said Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama.

Rama said he has also directed Sonia Impenada to conduct a regular convergence meeting, not only on the Covid-19 situation but on other health issues like dengue.

Dengue not being a new illness, the mayor said that the city already has a template for curbing it and some personalities to help the city on the matter.

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CHD officer-in-charge Dr. Jeffrey Ibones agreed with Rama that even as cases as lower than in some years ago, this should be addressed properly.

“Kung imohang tan-awon atong dengue situation sa Cebu sa milabay nga lima ka tuig, i-compare nimo sa previous, except lang sa 2021, taas gyud atong kaso sa mga previous. Naa man gani toy niabot ta og 4,000, 3,000, 2,000 but wala nagpasabot nga abi wala man ta kaabot ana di nata maninguha,” Ibones said.

“Ato gihapon ning paningkamotan kay nakita man gud nato wala ta moundang pero mas na-focus ta more sa atoang COVID. Karon nihinay-hinay gamay ang COVID nakita gyud nato nga nisaka atoang dengue cases sa Cebu City,” he added.

The CHD is now going around barangays for their anti-dengue operations, with those barangays with cases as top priorities.

Also being done are house-to-house campaigns against the disease through a task force.

“Mao na gyud ni atong gibuhat ron. Maybe dili nato ma simutaenous, pero kasagaran gyud madungan nato kay naa naman tay task force against dengue sa kada barangay nato,” said Ibones.

Yesterday, the CHD led by Ibones himself went to Sitio Cadaohan in Barangay Talamban after noting two cases of dengue in the area. Other residents there have also reported fever and rashes which are also signs of dengue.

To check on the condition of those having fever, they were told to proceed to the barangay health center to have a CBC.

“Nianhi ta ron tungod kay naa man guy nag-positve diri sa dengue, atong gimonitor… Ato sang nakita nga naay mga gihilantan. Atong gi-house to house atong mga kaigsuoan kung kinsay gipanghilantan kay ang atong health center naa tay CBC didto, naa sad tay dengue NS1. Mas maayo gyud two days sa ilang hilanat, kinahanglan gyud sila magpa-check up,” said Ibones.

During their house-to-house check, the CHD saw stagnant water in bottles and other containers that can become breeding grounds for these dengue mosquitos.

The CHD also took the chance to teach the residents some ways to prevent the disease such as curtain impregnation, search and destroy and misting.

“Naa tay curtain impregnation wherein ang atoang mga kurtina gibutangag mga chemicals nga maoy ibutang sa mga kabalayan sa mga ngitngit na lugar. Kana dili na siya tugpahan og lamok, mamatay ang lamok unya naa sad tay misting nga gihingi unya search and destroy, mao nang atong gipasuroy atong mga health workers para sa information education,” said Ibones.

Aside from these efforts, Ibones said that all barangay officials and health workers are also expected to keep a close watch and prepare ahead against dengue by educating residents in their areas and keeping their surroundings clean and safe. – with Decemay P. Padilla/JMD (FREEMAN)

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