Big Yes for 2004
JAYWALKER - Art Borjal () - May 29, 2002 - 12:00am
In any organization, a leader who works hard, inspires leadership and unity deserves to be chosen as leader. Since President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has proven to be a leader, does not meander and waver, firm in almost everything she does, and she has the right to seek reelection, she is a Big Yes for 2004. And no matter what her critics and detractors say, she can go ahead and aim for 2004. That is the practical reality that her critics must realize.
* * *
According to veteran publicist and PR executive Reli German, the presidential approval for the staging of this year’s Palarong Pambansa puts an end to the controversy over the rescheduling of the games for January next year.   Reli said that if PSC Chairman Eric Buhain thinks that he has scored a victory, he should think again. The controversy only highlighted the haphazard preparations that went into the holding of the country’s biggest sporting event.
* * *
Reli said that Education Secretary Raul Roco stressed several valid points when he decided to reset the Palaro. The money problem is one. The poor preparation is another.    Plus there is the fact that the closeness of the games to the opening of the classes will distract the teachers and school officials from their main task of preparing for the enrolment period and school opening.
* * *
After all, the main mandate of the Department of Education is to prepare the youth for a meaningful education. Note that a new law has removed Culture and Sports from the department.  That is why it has been renamed the Department of Education.  Besides, it makes no sense to stage the Palaro just so the games would push on, with the athletes going through the motions of competing. Excellence is supposed to be the motivating factor here. Or have we forgotten this?, asked Reli.
* * *
Here is another note from Dr. David Murphy, M.D. The leader, accompanied by a large official party, was to visit the site of a government project in a remote rural area in the early morning. A huge crowd of people, looking to her for their salvation from ignorance and from its offspring, poverty and disease, had come to the site early in the morning, hoping to catch only a glimpse of her. Because the party was delayed by petty quarrels over who should have access to the choicest seats in the vehicles, they arrived late in the afternoon.
* * *
Seeing that the people, especially the children, were weary, hungry and thirsty the leader asked her aides, "What shall we do for the people?" One of the aides replied, "There are so many. There are no stores close by and even if there were stores, we do not have the resources to take care of them all."
* * *
The leader said, "We have many wealthy businessmen, politicians, officials, and churchmen here. Ask them if they will share the food and drink which they have brought for themselves and their parties." The aides solicited contributions from all of the prominent guests and spectators in the assembly. They returned and reported to the leader, "They all say that they have only enough for themselves. They do not have enough to provide for so many. What shall we do now?" they asked.
* * *
The leader said, "Assemble all of the prominent guests near the speakers’ platform." When that had been done, the leader stepped onto the platform and addressed the packed crowd. "Many of you are very hungry and thirsty. Is there anyone here who is willing to share what they have with others who have less?"
* * *
For a long moment, there was silence. Then from the back of the assembly movement could be seen a young boy was making his way forward, carrying something wrapped in banana leaves. The security guards moved to stop him but at a sign from the leader allowed the boy to mount the platform and approach the microphone.
* * *
"What do you have there, anak?," asked the leader. "I have some rice and some dried fish and a flask of water," the boy replied. "It was supposed to be for my lunch but I waited to eat until you arrived so that I could pay attention when you were speaking. Sometimes in school it is hard to pay attention because I am so hungry. This is all I have to give." His amplified words echoed across the silent crowd. The boy handed the small package to the leader.
* * *
The leader replied, "Thank you. It is enough." An aide opened the package and said, "There is only a cup of rice and two dried fish. How can so little feed so many?"

The leader replied, "Place the food in a basket." Addressing the assemblage directly, she said, "We will pass the basket around beginning with the most prominent guests. As leader, I will go first. Each person is to take what he needs and put in anything that he has in excess of what he needs. Please be patient and wait until it is your turn."
* * *
The leader gave thanks for the food, then took a small portion of a dried fish, a spoonful of rice and a glass of water. Then she directed an aide to place into the basket everything that had been brought for her meal. The basket was then passed to the next official.
* * *
After all the prominent guests had eaten their fill, the remaining food filled twelve baskets. These were passed to the crowd and each person took what he needed and passed it on to the next. When all had eaten their fill, the leader directed, "Gather up everything that is left over, so that nothing is wasted." When everything had been gathered up, it still filled twelve baskets.
* * *
Everyone said that it was a miracle. And the leader agreed, "Yes, and let us pray for the grace to live in such a way that it can happen every day."
* * *
Thoughts For Today:

Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people
before meeting the right one so that
when we finally meet the right person,
we will know how to be grateful for that gift.
Love begins with a smile,
grows with a kiss and ends with a tear.
* * *
The brightest future will always
be based on a forgotten past.
You can’t go on well in life until
you let go of your past failures and heartaches.
* * *
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