Spooky riddles for Hallows’ Eve

Joy Jonette Chuyaco - The Philippine Star

How well do you know your horror flicks — old and new?

The time for a good scare and scream is here again. Shopping malls are filled with spooky but, usually, adorable decors. Cinemas showing hair-raising films. Awesome Halloween party invites here and there. And of course, the exciting horror flick marathon that many look forward to. Now the challenge: how well do you know your horror flicks? Are you a true fan of horror movies or just a novice? Take this riddle challenge and see how much of an expert you are. Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

1. “Chucky” is an adorable doll. He wants to be your friend until the end. He will never leave you, not until his soul enters your body. What is the name of the man who possessed Chucky?

a. Andy Barclay

b. Charles Lee Ray

c. Tiffany

d. John Kramer

2. There is something in these morbid homemade videos that lure children to watch them. Then after, turning the young ones into mad murderers. This film is truly terrifying and not for the weak.

a. Children of the Corn   

b. Bad Boys

c. Sinister

d. Village of the Damned

3. Another movie about a cursed video. It shows a longhaired girl crawling out from a well, then on the ground, then eventually out of the screen. What is her name?

a. Sadako         

b. Keiko

c. Reiko           

d. Ju-On

4. Only in dreams will he appear. As you fear him, he gets more powerful. Beware of ________ and pray that you don’t sleep.

a. Freddy Krueger

b. The Babadook

c. Leather Face

d. Jason

5. “What is your favorite scary movie?” is what he asks you when he calls you. Most of the time, his victims think it’s a prank call, until he appears. On his face he wears a __________ mask.

a. Clown

b. leather

c. pig         

d. Ghost face

6. He turns enjoyable summer camps into horrific ones. His need for revenge never ends, especially to those who dare to visit ________.

a. Elm Street    

b. Cape Fear    

c. Camp Crystal Lake   

d. Camp

7. Michael Myers wears a mask and holds a knife. He specifically haunts for victims on ___________.

a. Halloween Night

b. Friday the 13th

c. 23rd Spring for 23 days

d. Valentine’s Day

8. Don’t be tricked by this seemingly harmless doll. For its power is so strong that it is better to lock it in a glass case. Two paranormal investigators who keep the doll safe and blessed.

a. Jack and Jill

b. Ed and Lorraine Warren

c. Chucky and Tiffany

d. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

9. Pray that you don’t ever have to enter this house. It is filled with the curse of grudge and bitterness. Entities crawl here and there, ready to take the soul of anybody who dares to come in. What is the original Japanese title of the film?

a. The Ring  

b. Marebito

c. Kairo        

d. Ju-On

10. Who says there’s nothing to fear with shadows? This one chases and eventually kills you as well. Make sure you turn the lights off so she can’t catch you. Her name is _______.

a. Diana

b. Annabelle   

c. Rebecca

d. Esther

11. If you don’t know how to value your life, then this man might abduct you and teach you some life lessons. His challenge has always got to do with choosing between surviving or dying. Remember, you don’t want to be in his game. Who is this man?

a. Dr. Hannibal Lecter

b. John Kramer

c. Jason Voorhees

d. Norman Bates

12. Beware of “The Creeper”! It can smell your fear and hunt you down. Fortunately, he only comes out on _________ to eat.

a. Halloween   

b.  Friday the 13th

c. 23rd Spring for 23 days

d. Valentine’s Day

13. Just pray that you never ever need to check in at this motel. You will be closely watched and probably never be seen again. Norman, the owner, is sometimes himself but other times his mom. Never enter the __________.

a. Bates Motel

b. Camp Crystal Lake

c. Elm St.

d.  House on Haunted Hill

14. Don’t be fooled by her child-like features. There is more to her than just her charming personality. She doesn’t look her age. People think she’s nine years old, but she is actually _____.

a. 50                

b. 18

c. 44                

d. 33

15. “It” is what it’s called, for nobody knows what it really is. It especially chooses children as its victims, especially the ones filled with fear. It can appear as anyone it likes, but usually it takes the appearance of  ______.

a. fireman

b. an elf

c. Pennywise, the clown

d. Bozo, the clown

16. This horror villain has a way with words. He can get into your mind and confuse you. Quite a manipulator, he will do anything to have a taste of you.

a. Dr. Hannibal Lecter

b. John Kramer

c. Robert Langdon

d. Dr. No

17. As much as you like solving puzzle boxes, please don’t ever try to solve this one. It opens the door to the world of the _______.

a. aliens           

b. the dark side           

c. cenobites      

d. witch

18. When on a road trip, pray that you don’t meet or mess with this family. They are no ordinary people, especially that one member who wears a leather mask and enjoys using his favorite tool, a chainsaw. They are the ______ family (based from the 1974 original film).

a. Myers                      

b. Sawyer

c. Colemann                

d. Krueger

19. He was originally just a monster from a book but somehow it became real, haunting a mother and her son. He is  _______.

a. The Big Bad Wolf     

b. The Babadook

c. The Pinhead

d. The Frankenstein

20. Beware of this family. They are friendly and hospitable but all these are for their purpose. Once you get in their house, you may come out not yourself anymore. So you better ________ (title of the movie) once you step in.

a. Get Out           

b. Run Away           

c. Don’t Breathe           

d. Scream

* * *

Test Result:

 1-5 points. Someone needs a major horror movie updating.

6-10 points. Were you too scared watching that you cannot concentrate on the details? Try to keep up!

11-15 points. Horror movies are definitely your favorites.

16-20 points. That’s it! You are the coolest and spookiest champion of all! Congratulations.

Enjoy your Halloween movie night!

Answer Key:

1.) b   2.) c   3.) a   4.) a   5.) d  

6.) c   7.) a   8.)b    9.) d   10.) a

11.) b  12.) c  13.) a  14.) d  15.) c  16.) a  17.) c  18.) b  19.) b  20.) a


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