Do you remember that summer?

Joy Jonette Chuyaco (The Philippine Star) - May 7, 2012 - 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines - It’s summer! Have you watched any summer-themed flicks lately? Most people, if not all, will answer yes to this question.

Indeed, there is just something with summer that makes it special that people would be willing to watch films that they have seen several times — just for the sake of the season.

It’s about time to recall all the favorite summer-themed movies. Find out how much you remember from these films. Good luck!

Which summer movie is about four friends who are haunted by a man whom they accidentally hit with their car and thought of as dead?

a. A Cold Summer Night               

b. I Know What You Did Last Summer

c. Remember that Summer

d. The Haunting

Which classic summer movie is about a deadly shark preying on the guests of Amity Island?

a. Moby Dick                     

b. Piranha                           

c. Jaws                 

d. Shark Attack

Which summer movie is about a girl who learns the art of sexy dancing and experiences falling in love for the first time?

a. Dirty Dancing

b. Dance with Me

c. Strictly Ballroom

d. Dance Camp

Which summer movie is set at Camp Crystal Lake?

a. Friday the 13th

b. Halloween

c. Cabin Fever

d. Wrong Turn

Which summer movie is about a boy and a girl who become best friends? The ending is heartbreaking and truly touching. 

a. Little Manhattan

b. My Girl

c. Little Rascals

d. When Harry Met Sally

Which summer movie is about a group of friends who shares a pair of pants as they travel and tell stories about their experiences?

a. Now and Then

b. Far and Away

c. Friends

d. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Which movie has nothing to do with summer but includes the word “summer” in its title?

a. 500 Days of Summer

b. I Know What You Did Last Summer

c. Summer of ‘42

d. Summer Love

Which 1955 summer movie is about a married man who fantasizes about his attractive upstairs neighbor? (Clue: The movie has the famous scene where Marilyn Monroe’s white dress is blown above her knees)

a. The Seven Year Itch

b. Some Like it Hot

c. The Fireball   

d. Love Nest

Which summer movie is about three friends who go on a road trip to follow their dreams and learn about life their own way? Britney Spears is the lead character of this movie.

a. Crossroads

b. Road to Perdition

c. U-turn

d. On the Road

Which summer movie is about a woman who reflects on her life after hearing stories from a group of old women as they make a quilt?

a. Eat, Pray and Love

b. How to Make an American Quilt

c. Reflection

d. Finding Me

Which summer movie is about four guys planning all the things that they have to do before they enter into their first year in college?

a. Stand by Me

b. St. Elmo’s Fire

c. American Graffiti

d. Grease

Which musical summer movie is about a summer love that lasts all the way until school started?

a. Grease

b. Summer Love

c. Footloose

d. Endless Love

Which summer movie is about four young lads who start their adventure by finding a dead boy’s body?

a. It

b. Stand by Me

c. Hang Over

d. American Pie

Which summer movie is about two former lovers who are about to experience love the second time around?

a. A Summer Place

b. Summer of ’42

c. The Beach

d. Tequila Sunrise

Which summer movie is about twin sisters who are reunited in a summer camp, and then plan to get their divorced parents back together?

a. Camp Rock    

b. The Parent Trap

c. Family Summer

d. Twins

Which summer movie is a sequel to a popular musical movie about high school students? This time they’re enjoying the summer!

a. Twilight

b. Summer Days

c. High School Musical 2

d. Sound of Music

Which summer movie is about a young man falling in love with a married woman whose husband is in the war?

a. Summer of ’42

b. Out of Africa

c. 500 Days of Summer

d. An Affair        

Which summer movie is about four women who reminisce about the good old days when they were best friends?

a. Sex and the City

b. Now and Then

c. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

d. Summer with Friends

Which summer movie is about a young girl who aspires to be a singer and wants to join a cool camp that could help her reach her dream?

a. Camp Rock    

b. Music and Me             

c. Dreams           

d. Dirty Dancing

Which summer movie is about a group of kids organizing their own summer camp? “No parents, No councilors, No rules!” as the tag line says.

a. Camp Rock    

b. American Pie               

c. Camp Nowhere           

d. Beverly Hills Camp

 Test Results:

1-5 points. Are summer movies too hot to handle?

6-10 points. Somehow summer movies appeal to you — good! 

11-15 points. Cool! These movies are starting to be your thing. 

16-20 points. No doubt about it, summer is your favorite season! — even in movies.

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