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Creative director and host-producer of  Parentin.tv, Christine Bersola-Babao definitely is one of the most enterprising celebrities in town. When she is not busy facing the television cameras, she is working on her bazaars, her books and her dreams. Lately, she earned her second citation from the Catholic Mass Media Awards for her book, Bakit Siya Meron? Bakit Ako, Wala? under Katha Publishing. Last year, her third book, The Story of Christine was given a special citation by the CMMA while The Basura Monster her second book, continues to be a bestseller. Parentin.tv is the first online parenting show in the country. Tintin is pregnant with her second child, a baby boy. Antonia, her first born is now four years old and was the first celebrity baby to endorse EQ diapers. Here’s a short chat we had with Tintin:

1. What other talent would you like to have aside from hosting and writing and why?

The talent to act — and to make a tear drop on cue! Amazing how all the great drama actresses do it… to cry buckets with the cameras zoomed in on their faces… na hindi lumalaki butas ng ilong nila at hindi sila na-co-conscious! To turn anything I touch into gold — The Midas Touch! I would love to have that talent, that gift!

2. In your opinion, what is the worst thing about being in showbiz? The best?

The best is… as the cliché goes, “ It is also in showbiz that you discover who your true friends and believers are. Those who are ready to take the bullet for you. And there are really, just a few.” The worst ? The backbiting, crab mentality, kaplastikan and unfair competition.

3. Are you afraid of getting old?

 Sometimes, yes. I am bothered and afraid to grow old without fulfilling all the goals I’ve set out for myself. That and — falling hair, falling teeth, sagging breasts, sagging skin and everything that cannot defy gravity!!!!

4. What was the best thing said about you?

Mas maganda daw ako sa personal. At hindi ako mukhang 39!

5. When do you consider ambition healthy?

When you wake up each day and realize that you are still breathing — with a reason and purpose — and mission to fulfill your ambition no matter what it takes, no matter how frustrating, no matter how long the waiting gets.

6. How well do you understand men?

I understand Julius very, very well. He is my soulmate.

7. How do you pray?

With matching tears.

8. If you were a book what would its title be?

The Never Ending Saga.

9. What was the best thing you did for love?

The best — Marry Julius.

10. What color describes your life?

Black , magenta and purple. Why? Basta I love black. Purple and magenta are the colors of my website.

11. How would you describe your state of mind?

In a constant state of flux.

12. If you are Superwoman, who is your Superman?

 Of course, who else? Rhymes with obvious – Julius.

13. What is your greatest fear?

Losing my family, growing old poor and forgotten.

14. What makes you laugh?

Right now, my daughter Antonia. She is adorable and funny without even trying.

15. What is the most romantic place on earth for you and why?

Our home. New York. Paris. Tuscany.

16. The best gift you have ever received from a loved one?

My family — priceless ! And material gift this Christmas – the Mac Memory Capsule.

17. What book would you not read?

Horror books.

18. Who is you favorite author?

Paulo Coelho. He is brilliant.

19. If you were a tree, what would you be?

The teak tree. It could live to 100 years. It is one of the strongest trees in the world. It has the capacity to bend, but not break in the face of strong winds. And it can withstand weather changes.

20. What is your philosophy in life?

Thy Will Be Done.

21. Your biggest regret?

Sometimes, being too headstrong did not serve me well in the past.

22. If you were gay, who would you wish for a girlfriend?

Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie.

23. If you were to confess only one sin to God, what would it be and why?

God, why can’t I have a forgiving heart like yours — a forgiving heart for those who have wronged me and wounded me in the past?

24. If you were a fictional character, who would you be? Why?

The Fairy Godmother in all the Disney fairytales.

25. Where do you think you would go? Heaven or hell? Why?

Heaven. That is where I was born, hehehe. Yun ang permanent residence ko.

26. Write your epitaph?

My epitaph should be like an electronic billboard that changes each time, depending on my state of mind. If I were to die today, it would be: “Here lies the clumsiest dreamer in the world. The girl who tripped and fell countless times, but always got up on her feet to walk and run again.”

27. Thirty years from now, where are you and what are you doing?

On a Caribbean Cruise, counting my millions in the bank and toting an Hermes Birkin Bag, hehehe!

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