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Horn not looking for one-punch KO vs Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn

MANILA, Philippines – Jeff Horn won’t be relying on just a strong right hand in his bid to knock Manny Pacquiao out in their July tussle.

While Horn believes he’s got a powerful right straight to take Pacquiao out—just like what Juan Manuel Marquez did to the Filipino the last time they fought in 2012—the Australian said he will explore other options.

That includes punching at different angles and catching the vulnerable Pacquiao with counters.

“Every time he [Pacquiao] throws a punch it gives me an opportunity,’’ Horn recently told Fox Sports Australia. “Every time he attacks there’s the chance for me to punch through the opening.”

It was Marquez who had best exploited Pacquiao’s weaknesses, something the Mexican punctuated when he knocked the Filipino icon out cold in their fourth meeting five years ago.

Horn, for his part, believes he also has the tools to pull off a Marquez against Pacquiao—and that he’s not limited to a counter right hand.

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“Marquez stopped Pacquiao with a big shot and I’ve got a very good right hand. But I’m not just planning my strategy around landing one good right hand,” added the Australian prospect.

Horn went on to say he plans to use every inch of the ring against Pacquiao, something the fighting senator’s previous opponent, Jessie Vargas, failed to do.

“I watched Pacquiao’s last fight with Jessie Vargas. I’ll move a lot more than Vargas did and give Pacquiao different angles the same way he did against Vargas,” Horn continued.

“I’m hoping to catch him off balance every time he lunges in.”

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