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Jinkee wishes hubby well on birthday today

Jinkee Pacquiao

HOUSTON – Jinkee Pacquiao only has one wish for husband Manny Pacquiao as he celebrates his 34th birthday more than a week after he suffered his worst defeat inside the ring.

“My wish is good health always,” said Jinkee.

If she could be granted another wish, she’d wish that Pacquiao, who has achieved a boxing feat never been achieved before, would retire.

She wants it as soon as possible. Even their children want Pacquiao to retire.

“Manny has nothing more to prove. The whole world knows about his accomplishments in boxing. He is the only boxer to win eight world titles (in as many weight classes),” said Jinkee.

Pacquiao suffered a devastating knockout against Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand last week. To Jinkee, who was seated at ringside, it’s a moment she will never forget.

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“Natakot talaga ako (I really was scared),” said Jinkee, who went into hysterics the moment Pacquiao fell to the canvas almost face first, and took more than a minute to get up.

If she could, she would have jumped inside the ring to aid Pacquiao, but as she cried openly before more than 16,000 fans at the MGM those around her tried hard to console her.

Jinkee buried his face into Bob Arum’s chest as doctors and team members tried to help Pacquiao up on his feet.

She boarded the ambulance that took Pacquiao to the hospital and never left his side. Even when they were back in their hotel suite she was always by his side.

It was a pretty scary sight, and Jinkee said she has had enough. She wants Pacquiao to retire but added that it’s really beyond her powers.

It’s Pacquiao’s call.

“I also wish he will go deeper into the Word of God which I believe he would. And he’s already into it,” added Jinkee.

What’s her gift to Pacquiao?

“My gift is my unconditional love,” she said.

“Kasi kung material things naman meron na siya lahat (Because if it’s any material thing he already has everything),” said Jinkee.

“It’s always love and prayers for him,” Jinkee added.

Pacquiao couldn’t ask for more.                    


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