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Gapos gang carts P.5 M in Pasig

Four members of the dreaded Gapos gang barged into the residence of a businessman in Pasig City Tuesday, hogtied him, and two members of his household and fled after a 15-minute job with some P500,000 cash and personal belongings.

Police said the suspects also tried to rape the housemaid, Abigail Roleda, but begged off after learning that she has her monthly period.

Superintendent Ramiro Bausa, Pasig City police officer-in-charge said Roleda was ironing clothes in the sala of her employer’s residence at Felipe Pike Street, Barangay Bagong Ilog when the suspects, armed with handguns, barged in at about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. Bausa said the robbers, at gunpoint, gathered Roleda and her employer, businessman Emiterio Cedo, 61, and his granddaughter Jo-Anne Cedo, 13, in one of the rooms and hogtied them using a cellular phone charger.

The suspects then ransacked the house of some P20,000 cash, $100, assorted jewelry, cellphones, and appliances including DVD players, speakers, car hose and keys, and other valuables. Bausa said the suspects escaped after 15 minutes.

Roleda claimed that one of the suspects tried to rape her but went away after realizing that she has her period. The suspects escaped towards unknown direction, on board a white colored vehicle with no plate number.

After the suspects have long been gone, the victims managed to free themselves and sought the help of local authorities.

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Initial investigation showed that the gate and main door of the house were not locked causing the suspects to gain easy entry.

The victims said they were waiting for another member of the family to come home. The victims were able to identify the suspects through the local police rogue gallery.

Bausa refused to reveal the identities of the suspects so as not to jeopardize on-going follow-up operations.

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