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Are they really running?

ent1The next (local) elections are still months away and already, tabloids have
been splashing the faces of several actors on the front pages as probable
candidates for this and that position, to wit:

* FPJ for Senator

ent1* Joey Marquez for Parañaque Congressman

* Aga Muhlach for Pasig Mayor

* Jinggoy Estrada for Senator

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* Phillip Salvador for Mandaluyong Mayor

* Richard Gomez for Senator

* Inday Badiday for Pasig Mayor (against the incumbent -- and Aga?)

* Alma Moreno for Parañaque Mayor (but won't her husband, Mayor Joey
Marquez, run for one more term since he's still qualified?)

* Rudy Fernandez for Quezon City Mayor

* Edu Manzano for Makati Mayor

* ... and so on and so forth.

Until this very minute, though, FPJ is adamant on his decision not to run for
any position, never mind if his fans and followers are pushing him into running
not only for Senator but for President (after you, Erap?). The very private and
self-effacing Da King frowns everytime somebody asks him about his
political "ambitions," insisting that he has none. FPJ has greatly helped make
his friend (Erap, who else?) President, so you can just imagine the response of
the masa if he himself would run.

Others rumored to be (or being pushed into) running in Year 2001 are Nora Aunor
for Senator, Boots Anson-Roa for Senator, MTRCB Chief Armida Siguion-Reyna for
Senator, Dong Puno for Senator and several incumbent actor-politicians for
higher positions, including Lipa Mayor Vilma Santos for Batangas Congressman?;
Camarines Sur Vice-Gov. Imelda Papin for Governor, Q.C. Vice-Mayor Connie
Angeles for Mayor and Sen. Loren Legarda for Vice-President, or is it for

As you can see, the elections in 2001 will more starstudded and therefore more
showbiz-y than any other elections.

A keen observer said that the chances of these actor-politicians will depend
greatly on how President Erap performs during the remaining years of his term.
If he makes good, then that augurs well for his fellow actor-politicians.
Otherwise, well, those who want to follow on Erap's footsteps should start
rethinking their priorities.

Cris V. Is Future Big Star

One of the reasons I'm looking forward to watching FPJ's latest movie (which he
also directed), Millennium Cinema's Ang Dalubhasa is Cris Villonco who's
cast in her movie debut as the young patient who dies while being operated on
by FPJ (as a brain surgeon), prompting the FPJ character to quit his medical
profession forever.

It's also Cris who sings the movie's theme song, Ikaw, which Cris does
with a fresh approach and welcome vibrancy, a version far different from those
of Sharon Cuneta and Regine Velasquez (in her starrer with Aga Muhlach,
Dahil May Isang Ikaw).

Asked what made her (or her mom, Monique; and grandma, MTRCB Chief Armida
Siguion-Reyna) say "yes" to the Millennium offer?

Very simply, Cris said, "Because of FPJ."

So that's it.

Cris is now sweet sixteen, growing up to be a beautiful lady with all the best
qualities of her, that's it, mom and grandmom. Funfare bets that after
the release of Ang Dalubhasa, Cris will be swamped with more offers.

Letter from Etta Mendez

Here's a reaction letter from former MTRCB Chief Etta Mendez:

Dear Ricky,

Thank you for including me in your last-minute Christmas shopping list which
was published last Dec. 17, which, incidentally, was my birthday.

The nude scenes of the Jewish prisoners in the movie Schindler's List will
escape my scissors but the sex scenes will surely disappear!

My wish for you is continued health, wealth and happiness. May Christ be in
your heart not only on Christmas Day but everyday!

-- Sincerely yours,


(Note: Funfare's Christmas "gift" to Etta was an "uncensored" copy of a
Schindler's List video, with "all the nude scenes intact." Thanks, Etta,
for wishing me well.).

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