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F'g Freshgear loves 1:43

MANILA, Philippines - After capturing the hearts of young music groupies, teen heartthrobs and members of Asian-inspired boy band 1:43 Anjo, Yuki, Gold, and Kim are all set to conquer the fashion scene, this time, as the new ambassadors of ever-evolving innovative teen retail brand F’g Freshgear.

For those who might have chanced upon or heard of the buzz surrounding this fascinating group but aren’t quite sure of what to make of these Korean-looking yet distinctly Filipino-sounding crooners, Anjo reveals: “We look Korean, but that’s as far as the similarities go. Our music is strictly OPM — our aim is to bring the K-pop fans back to this genre.”

Charming and outgoing, the boys of 1:43 perfectly embody the F’g Freshgear brand. According to them, each member constantly updates himself with the latest trends and is unafraid to try and experiment with fashion. “Very much like the brand, we are all for anything trendy, upbeat and colorful,” Kim explains.

Another passion they share with the brand is, naturally, music. 1:43 takes the leap by being experimental with their repertoire, being the first-ever group to release a “slambum” — a mini-album of 5 songs, accompanied by a slambook that reveals the boys’ innermost secrets. Entitled Time for Love, the slambum was named the No. 2 Best Selling OPM Album by Odyssey Records, also gaining the fifth spot in the overall ranking (which includes foreign artists).

With such acclaimed success, 1:43 is F’g Freshgear’s ideal partner in leading the trend-following teenage market in the right direction. The brand, known for being among the first to introduce new styles and cuts perfect for today’s teenagers and young adults, continuously innovates its up-to-date line up of wardrobe staples.

Yuki, in particular, loves the fact that there is always something for each individual. “Each of us have different preferences in dressing up — Anjo and Kim are laid-back, Gold is trendy, and I’m the rocker in the group—but all of us can find pieces that we like in the brand,” Yuki shares.

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Like the band members who don oriental looks but are genuinely Filipino in character and upbringing, F’g Freshgear also takes inspiration from fashion statements across the globe, but still caters to the fashion needs of the Filipino market.

(F’g Freshgear is exclusively available in the Boys and Girls Teens sections of SM Department Stores.)

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