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Prouder than ever

MANILA, Philippines - After 14 years of music offerings, vocal lead changes, five albums and 11 platinum awards. M.Y.M.P. (Make Your Momma Proud) launched by Chin Alcantara in the ’90s is back with a new voice and band members in its pre-Valentine show concert titled M.Y.M.P. Now: Prouder Than Ever on Feb. 12, 8 p.m. at the Music Museum.

M.Y.M.P. Now will introduce the new lead singer, 18-year-old Juliet Bahala, NCC Star of Davao grand champion and National Music Competition for Young Artists 2005 grand prize winner. Juliet has a distinct voice like former band leads Nina and Juris Fernandez. She can belt out even the most challenging songs of singers like Mariah Carey and Beyoncé Knowles. Chin remains the band’s lead guitarist.

Other members are keyboardist Hannche Mikoyan Bobis, drummer Jefferson Lima and bassist Bern Hardt Cuevas. Hannche entered the band scene in 1998 as the original keyboard player of M.Y.M.P. He also played for the Elements band, Fairground and for the Diamond-selling album Nina Live and Christian Bautista Live Album. Jefferson, on the other hand, is a former drummer of Kenyo, GOP and P.O.T. Bern has played for OPM artists such as Imago, Rico Blanco, Barbie Almalbis and Sinosikat.

M.Y.M.P Now is presented by VIP Access Media Productions. Tickets are priced at P1,000, P800 and P500. For inquiries, call 0927-8592907 and 891-9999 (Ticketworld) and 721-6726 and 721-0635 (Music Museum).

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