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Odd jobs didn't faze them

Sean Connery, Jennifer Aniston and Alec Baldwin

Have you ever wondered what jobs some stars had before they became superstars? There is an old saying that beautiful hands are hands that work. Many superstars dirtied their hands before making it big. Sean Connery (now Sir Sean Connery) used to be a coffin polisher before he got his break in the movies. Sean is best remembered for his James Bond movies, and some say he was the best Bond ever. Sean started in the first James Bond series, Dr. No in 1962 followed by From Russia with Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965), You Only Live Twice (1967), Diamonds Are Forever (1971) and Never Say Never Again (1983). He earned the Oscar Best Supporting Actor for the Untouchables. Sean was amazingly beautiful in The Rock where he played John Patrick Mason, a British secret service agent who has long been imprisoned, and in Entrapment opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones. He also earned good reviews in the movie Finding Forrester.

We got some info from the site hardlyfamous.com and here’s what some of the jobs stars had before they became what they are today:

Jennifer Aniston was a telemarketer and waitress before hitting it big.

Pamela Anderson’s first job was as a fitness instructor in Vancouver.

Ashanti once worked at a daycare center.

Dan Akroyd was a mail sorter for Canada’s national postal service.

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Alec Baldwin was once a bouncer.

Kathy Bates used to work in the gift shop at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and as singing waitress at a Catskill resort.

When Orlando Orlando was 13, he worked as a clay trapper at a local pigeon shooting range.

Jon Bon Jovi once had a job as Christmas decoration maker.

Marlon Brando became a ditch digger after being expelled from military school.

Sandra Bullock worked as a bartender before hitting it big.

Nicolas Cage had a job selling popcorn at the Fairfax Theater.

Jim Carrey used to work as a factory janitor.

Before making it big in Nirvana, the late Kurt Cobain worked as a janitor for Lemons Janitorial Service.

Bill Cosby shined shoes when he was young.

Joan Crawford used to work in a laundromat and as elevator operator in a Kansas City department store.

Johnny Depp worked as over-the-phone pen salesman.

Vin Diesel worked as a bouncer for nine years in New York. In his teens, he also performed in a breakdancing instructional video.

Tina Fey (star of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock) said that when she was 14 she worked in a snack bar at a swim club.

Calista Flockhart was an aerobics instructor at one point.

Harrison Ford was a carpenter before his acting career took off.

Whoopi Goldberg used to work as a bricklayer and a bank teller.

As a teenager, Tom Hanks was a popcorn and peanuts vendor at Oakland Coliseum. He also worked as hotel bellman and carried bags for a number of celebs.

Country music star Faith Hill sold T-shirts, worked as receptionist at a music publishing company and packaged merchandise for Reba McEntire.

Dustin Hoffman was once a typist for the Yellowpages.

Jennifer Hudson worked part-time for Burger King. In fact, Burger King rewarded her with free food for life when she mentioned them after her Oscar win in 2007.

Hugh Jackman once worked as a clown, reportedly making about $50 per show.

Cyndi Lauper held many odd jobs like an ear piercer, a sales clerk in a vintage clothing store, and a singing waitress in a Japanese piano bar.

Jennifer Lopez was back-up dancer for Janet Jackson.

Madonna worked at a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant.

Eva Mendes sold hotdogs at Glendale Galleria Mall in California.

Bette Midler worked at a pineapple processing factory.

Jack Nicholson worked in a toy store and as a lifeguard. He also worked as production assistant at MGM.

Ozzy Osbourne once worked in a slaughterhouse.

Luke Perry worked in a doorknob factory before getting his big break.

Brad Pitt supported his early acting career by driving limos, moving refrigerators and “dressing as a giant chicken while working for El Pollo Loco.”

Keanu Reeves was once employed as a janitor.

Before becoming famous, Julia Roberts worked in an ice cream shop.

Jerry Seinfeld once worked as a telephone salesman selling light bulbs.

Gwen Stefani’s first job was scrubbing floors at Dairy Queen.

Quintin Tarantino worked as a clerk in a video store called Video Archives in Manhattan Beach.

When I was younger, I found myself doing odd jobs like selling shampoo and encyclopedia. I lived peacefully in a dimly-lit cubicle in an old Mabini house inhabited by nocturnal people, mostly funny and kind prostitutes. Then I got myself promoted as production assistant when I worked at the Metropolitan Theater until the late Tita Conching saw me and made everything possible. And as they say, the rest is history. There really is no excuse for hard work. As the old adage says, work is love personified. And it will bring you to the next step until you get to where you should be — your own space in this universe!

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