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Photos: Star Magic Ball couples share 'kilig' moments on red carpet

Celebrity couples fired up the Star Magic Ball red carpet. Photos by Efigenio Toledo IV

MANILA, Philippines — The 11th Star Magic Ball last Saturday night at the Makati Shangri-La was not just a party, it was a gathering of some of the country’s hottest on-and-off-screen couples.

Romance filled the air not only due to event stylist Robert Blancaflor’s elegant mixup of flowers, candles and chandeliers, but also because the following pairs showed genuine sweetness and shared their super “kilig” stories on the red carpet.

As event host Tim Yap quipped, "Couples make each other more beautiful!"

'Best dressed' couple: KissMarc


Actress and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Kisses Delavin had been looking forward for her  first Star Magic Ball because as she told reporters: “It’s one of the most glamorous nights of the year. I just want to make my mama and papa proud!”

She could not believe that she was already at the same ball as Kim Chiu, whom she began admiring as a child. In fact, she said, one of her most prized possessions is Kim’s autograph, which she got when she was about 6 years old.

When Kisses’ love team partner and fellow PBB housemate, Marco Gallo, asked her to go with him to the ball, she told herself, “I’m going to give Marco a chance.”

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“I’m so flattered na tinanggap n’ya ‘yung request ko,” said Gallo. “I’m going to take care of her and the goal is to make her happy at the end of the night.”

The two, indeed, went happy as they were hailed the Best Dressed Couple this year.



“Indescribable! It’s so hard to describe a feeling. I was very overwhelmed. It felt like a dream!” Julia Barretto said of Joshua Garcia’s proposal for her.

With help from fans, Joshua arranged an entire choir to serenade Julia at her garden.

“I guess, it’s every girl’s dream to experience something like that. So I’m lucky that he’s so romantic and he’s an old soul. Chivalry isn’t dead after all!”

When Joshua was asked how does she look, he said: “Perfect!”

“Sexy! Pinaghirapan n’ya talaga ‘yun!”

Julia took home the "Pond’s Belle of the Ball award."



PBB Big Winner Maymay Entrata could not believe that she now had the chance to enter one of showbiz’s most exclusive parties.

“Sobrang blessed. Hindi ako makapaniwala. ‘Yung nandito pa lang ako, blessed na ko, ‘yung pinakasusubaybayan pa, ay, super blessed na talaga!” enthused the star, who was gorgeous in a silvery white Mark Bumgarner.

Edward only had one goal for the night: “I want to make it memorable for her as much as possible!”



After days of sleepless nights for shooting fight scenes in “La Luna Sangre,” Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla were happy they were able to relax and catch up with friends at the ball.

“Maganda ang damit! Kitang kita n’yo naman!” Daniel said of Kathryn’s Patricia Santos gown.

He was wearing a purple suit, when the theme was black and white, so when asked by Philstar.com why he went beyond the theme, he said with a loud laugh: “Meron ba? Sorry, ‘di ko alam!”

Kath, nonetheless, liked what Daniel wore. “He’s unique, hip, and handsome as usual!”

Later in the evening, Kath was awarded the "Pond’s Brightest Star of the Night" award.




Inspired by “100 Tula Para kay Stella,” Inigo Pascual came up with a “so millennial version”  –  “100 tweets para kay Stella” in his Star Magic proposal for Maris Racal.

“Sobrang na-touch talaga ako. Siguro ‘yun ‘yung pinaka-sweet na gesture na ginawa sa’kin. I’m so happy na si Inigo ‘yun. Sobrang kinilig talaga ako! Sobrang intense yung kilig!” said Maris.

They were unable to coordinate their ball outfits because Maris already bought her dress prior to Inigo’s proposal. But if they were able to, they planned to follow a Korean pop (K-pop) theme.

“More than the love team, I’m thankful for the friendship that we have. I’m really, really happy right now!” said Inigo, who feels lucky he walked the red carpet with his "best friend." 

Since three years ago, Piolo, Inigo’s dad, has been pushing for their MarNigo love team. In fact, Piolo is their fans’ club president, said Inigo.

“Three years ago, ‘di pa ko showbiz pa n’un, si Papa P pa lang po ang gusto ko nun!” confessed Maris.



Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil

Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano coordinated their looks by both getting luxury brands – Enrique was in Balenciaga, Liza in Christian Dior.

To be different this year, Liza said she had her stylist scout a dress for her in Hong Kong and buy off-the-rack.

“ Sometimes it’s intense, some days I’m just so tired, sometimes I can’t wait to hit the gym,” she said of her “Darna” preparations.

Enrique is happy that because of these preps, including the gym workouts, he and Liza got closer than ever.



Bea and Gerald

Now that they do not have to hide their supposed relationship, Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson now feel more relaxed to be together on the red carpet.

“Love should come out naturally whether you are in daylight or at night,” said Bea.

“It’s kind of weird pa rin for me because back then it was not accepted… So it feels good. Parang everything fell into place. Right now, we’re more relaxed and just enjoying and less ‘yung worries. It feels light and so easy. It feels right.”

She enjoyed doing “A Love To Last” and cannot wait to reunite with her co-stars in the series, including her nemesis there, Iza Calzado, who will go on a gym date with Bea.

“Ako ang naiinspire sa kanya,” said Gerald of his lady love. “Minsan kasi we look too much into the future, hindi natin na-eenjoy ‘yung moments natin ngayon, kung ano ‘yung mga challenges, kung ano ‘yung mga blessings na meron tayo ngayon, and aaminin ko, I’m still a work in progress,” he noted.

“This is a big year for me, as her man and as her date. I’ll be the best date na kaya kong gawin…We’re better than ever!”




“This year, it’s super grand,” Janella Salvador said of Elmo Magalona’s proposal. “He serenaded me with my favorite old song, ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ while we were shooting. He coordinated with the entire production staff.”

Elmo made sure that the scene called for Janella having a debut so everything would be perfect – she will be in gown, and the orchestra would seamlessly insert his serenade.

“I just wanted it to be different from last year. Because last year, the way I asked her is through a pizza,” explained Elmo.

Janella said Elmo has done a lot of sweet gestures, like waiting for her to finish every taping day, but she thinks the proposal is the sweetest one.

“So beautiful!” Elmo said of Janella during the ball. “Even if plan it together, I think she will be as beautiful as she is right now…She nails it! I don’t think anyone else would look great in this gown!”




According to Kim Chiu, she loves going with Xian to the because he is caring and a good gentleman. Xian, in turn, says he loves going with Kim because she is fun to be with.

Xian allegedly started the trend for grand proposals, but this year, he now just casually asked her “to let the younger ones shine.”

Kim clarified in an interview with Philstar.com that she and Xian did not plan to release their albums before the ball within days from each other.




It was McCoy de Leon’s third year at Star Magic Ball with Elisse Joson, though this was the seventh ball for Elisse.

“Beterano na po ‘to!” McCoy teased Elisse.

Though McCoy is always perceived as a comic, Elisse guaranteed that McCoy is really romantic, as she experienced in his date proposal.

“McCoy po, at first, I wasn’t expecting na magkakaroon pa ng formal invite kasi s’yempre nga love team po. But he surprised me…Ang sabi n’ya sakin may sakit s’ya. It turned out, he was actually going to go. Then dumating s’ya in the middle of the event na may hawak na balloon namay nakasulat na ‘lab lab’…Days before that event, every day n’ya po ko binibigyan ng balloon na mayroong ‘I always got you.’ Ang pinaka-finale nga na ginawa n’ya ay ‘yung banner na may nakasulat na, ‘Will you go to the ball with me, my princess?’ With matching 100 balloons na bumagsak from the top of Megamall!”

According to her, through the years, “Unti-unti kong nakikita ‘yung romantic side, very sweet” side of McCoy.

“Kasi kung alam ko pong posible, gagawin ko po talaga,” said McCoy. “Ibig sabihin, bawat araw gusto ko s’yang pasayahin at pakiligin!”


Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres

Diego and Sofia

It was the second Star Magic Ball for “Pusong Ligaw” stars Diego Loyzaga and Sofia Andres, and the difference this year is that they were not included in the cotillion.

“It’s okay! I love the effect,” Diego said of Sofia’s outfit for the night.




PBB housemates Bailey May and Ylona Garcia were among the youngest to attend the ball.

“I’m very excited because it’s a very good experience,” said Bailey, who went overseas to improve a lot on his dancing. He will again go on a talent boot camp next month.

 “It’s filled with ups and downs and it’s all crazy!” said Ylona of her own workshop experience.

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola

Luis and Jessy

Before Luis donated more than P200,000 for a cancer patient who was a contestant in his game show, he told reporters that he is already planning a wedding proposal for Jessy.

“’Dun din po papunta ‘yun (wedding),” he said.

Jessy said Luis’ mom, Vilma Santos-Recto, is always happy to see her. She calls her “Tita” because she is still “nahihiya,” though Vilma has been asking her to call her “momskie.”

Jessy and Luis took home the "Oppo Selfie Couple of the Night" award.

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia

Billy and Coleen

This was the last Star Magic Ball where Billy and Coleen will walk as singles.

“I’m really excited because the next gown I will be in is my wedding gown. We’re just really looking forward to that big day!” said Coleen.

According to her, she is no “bridezilla” because she feels like everything is going to run smoothly at their wedding.

“We’re both beach bums and it has a lot to do with our personality, just who we are,” she said of why they decided to tie the knot at the beach.

“We’re really just easygoing and we want to really relax. She’s very OC (obsessive-compulsive) and organized but super chill. Ako pa ‘yung mas na-strestress!”

Their maid of honor, Ria Atayde, and some groomsmen were also at the ball.

“Enjoy every single year of every stage in your life!” Coleen advised all Star Magic Ball attendees, especially the younger ones.

Billy added: “Learn from your mistakes, give everything to the Lord!”


John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna, the most awaited couple in the ball, obviously did not attend and disappointed their fans.

But during the ball, JLC posted pictures that suggest he was at the nearby Makati Cinema Square, while Ellen was busy in a photo shoot.

Though they have deleted photos of each other in their social media accounts, Ellen continues to like JLC’s posts, including pictures showing he was near the Star Magic Ball venue.

Other couples who graced the Star Magic Ball red carpet:

Megan Young and Mikael Daez


Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati


Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa-Sotto
Rayver Cruz and Janine Gutierrez

— Photos by Efigenio Toledo IV

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