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Aiza Seguerra: 'I'm a transgender'

Aiza Seguerra said identifiying herself as transgender answered a lot of questions about her life.-File Photo 

MANILA, Philippines- Aiza Seguerra  said she is a transgender.

This is her statement during her interview with Kris Aquino on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight” on Thursday, saying she has the heart of a man.

“Lesbian kasi are women na ang preference nila ay women also. Ang transgender naman, kumbaga iba 'yong gender identity namin sa akin,” she explained.

She said she just recently made this realization, adding that this has answered a lot of questions about herself.

“Kasi before as lesbian, ang dami ko pa rin questions na hindi matanong sa akin,” she said. “Finally I discovered sa sarili ko na I'm not lesbian, I'm transgender. Kumbaga it answered a lot of questions.”

Meanwhile, Aiza defended her fiance, Liza Dino,  from those who accuse the latter of being a “gold digger,” which came out after the news of their engagement.

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“Well, number one I know it's not true because Liza and I, we go way back,” she said. “Wala pa 'yong 'Pagdating ng Panahon', hindi pa ako singer, mayro'n ng something sa amin. Siguro madaling magsalita, e, na ganito siya or ganyan siya but they don't see us.”

As for  those who doubt her capability to head a family, she said, “guys, they're expected to take care of their family– why can't I do that? I have my own family now, ako tumatayong padre de pamilya ng pamilya ko...bakit issue na alagaan ko sila? Dapat hindi.”

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