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Ramon Bautista features failed stunts on 'Science of Stupid'

Ramon Bautista will make sense of what appears to be a senseless failed video stunt on “Science of Stupid.”-PR Photo 

 MANILA, Philippines -Ramon Bautista make sense in senseless viral videos on National Geographic's “Science of Stupid.”

This 14-part show will showcase different viral videos that went wrong while attempting to copy stunts done by professionals.

The show doesn't aim to humiliate but instead explain why those stunts went wrong.

Bautista will take away the humiliation from the “stars” of the “epic fail” stunt while explaining the science behind it, and show through human test dummies how they could succeed in performing the stunt.

Each episode will feature one viral video on  social media  such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and  analyze what  went wrong and how to properly execute each stunt.

“Science of Stupid” will start on April 8, Wednesday at 9 p.m. on National Geographic Channel.

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