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Osmeña denies meeting Leni, Trillanes in South Korea

CEBU, Philippines - Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña broke his silence on insinuations that he met with Vice President Leni Robredo and Senator Antonio Trillanes in South Korea during the Holy Week to discuss political issues.

Osmeña said he did not know Robredo and Trillanes were also in South Korea.

“I haven’t heard that Leni was there until I saw it in Facebook, and what’s wrong with that, Jessie Robredo was my best friend, so why make it sound even evil and devious to meet Leni Robredo,” Osmeña said.

   “I would be so honored that I know she would be there, I will look for her,” Osmeña added.

The mayor said the critics of the vice president are just making bad propaganda out of it.

“It’s a move to promote to bring down Leni and to move up Bongbong (Marcos), that’s how I look at it,” Osmeña said.

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“They are targeting Cebu, if we will see the last election, Leni only won by 200,000 votes but the majority of Leni in Cebu over Bongbong was about 400,000 votes and then they know I am a close ally of Leni because her husband and I go back 20 years ago…They make it look bad, hala like Leni is a devil,” he added.

Meanwhile, the mayor shared some of his observations in South Korea. He said the country has started accommodating transport scheme wherein packages are delivered through bus.

 “Ang interesting kaayo they have now beginning to accommodate delivery of packages through their bus system, it’s not maybe 10 percent of their business but it’s very interesting. Murang DHL ba , so if you want to send, your product you deliver your TV to somebody and put it to the bus and it will (be) delivered to the station, transport to another bus, where the person can pick it up there, so very interesting,” he said.

The mayor said the scheme can lessen traffic congestion. According to him, the scheme may be implemented in the city, especially goods from the mountain barangays. (FREEMAN)

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