We are all late-bloomers to something

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I consider myself a late bloomer to many things that must be learned before it will be too late for me to catch up. And I’m aware there are still a lot of aha-moments to things that I will be learning soon. However, with books, openness to opportunities, and listening to other people’s experiences especially the successful ones are such a good bridge to get into a life with a wider view on what it means being in the world.

One of the things, I learned so late because circumstances really test me well are the basics in the market. When we buy or purchase things such as cloth, food, land, oil, water, electricity, and other commodities, it means we do contribute to the performance of the stock market as consumers. Briefly, we buy and consume stocks or equities in the market.

The second lesson is aside from buying things in the stock we can also buy that thing which we believe cannot buy love and happiness but now can buy life -- money. We can buy any amount of money in a bank or corporation using money as well. And when we buy in a way of loan or debt we make a contribution to the performance of a money market or bonds. The third is when we also buy or avail the use of the gadget, software, applications, and other technologies for entertainment and for easy access online it means we also participate in the performance of a tech market which is common not here in the Philippines but to other foreign firm and manufacturers.

So when we enjoy and have those things as consumers and as normal human beings, we mean to participate in the stocks, money, and tech market which an economy where we live in takes support on its rise and fall.

Another thing I’ve learned which I find a little funny in the name of our culture or how our parents teach us is the significance of saving in a piece of closed bamboo, piggery, or empty bottle of ethanol as our miniature bank to save our coins. When we grow mature and have a better income we realize coins are not enough and so we save up a hundred or a thousand by slipping it through our favorite book at home. To diversify our way of saving, some of us even put their money inside a phone’s casing to surprise themselves during a crisis that they got the last card to survive. Some put it even in a bible or under a religious image in the altar just to take a chance or miracle that it would grow twice when they get back to it after a few hours.

Now, I think it’s not too late to learn that there are many ways to keep money while growing it by interest either through a bank or through an investment which would lead to making a share from the stock, money, or tech market. By a simple thought, you are not just a consumer but at the same time taking a chance to earn from what you’ve consumed daily.

There are so many things to learn which may not be necessary to some Filipinos to realize its significance soon. If I’ve learned these basics in the market so late, how much more other Filipinos who live in the comfort of their No I can’t afford it, I’ll have it next time, I’m not interested, Thanks but I’m good, I don’t need it, and many other choices that show they are afraid to welcome financial opportunities.

We are all late bloomers to something until we choose to change or remain the same.

Edmer John Caballes

Cebu City

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