Had I been Bongbong
TO THE QUICK - Jerry S. Tundag (The Freeman) - January 22, 2020 - 12:00am

Right after Bongbong Marcos announced his intention to run for a national position in 2020, Leni Robredo quickly retorted, or was swiftly prompted to by her retinue of thinkers, that the son of the late dictator must first learn to accept defeat. Leni was obviously referring to the 2010 elections where she beat Bongbong for the vice presidency, the result of which Bongbong contested, in a case that is yet to be resolved.

Leni must not forget that protesting the results of an election is a matter of right. But that said, I would have done the same if I had been Bongbong. Had I been Bongbong, I would have been a Marcos. And that, according to characterizations whipped up by the Yellow Army to which Leni belongs, would have made me a very vile person, a man of evil, a thief, a murderer, a torturer, the very personification of the Devil.

Had I been Bongbong and, therefore, a Marcos, I should never be allowed to hold public office ever again, according to the Gospel of the Yellows. But since, even if I had been Bongbong and, therefore, a Marcos, I could not be prevented from running in the absence of a final conviction for all the bad things I am supposed to have done, the next best thing for the Yellows is to prevent me from ever winning.

Had I been Bongbong and, therefore, a Marcos, the Yellow-led battlecry against me would have been "never again." That would not have been such a hard thing to do because, if the Yellow Gospel is to be believed, the entire Filipino nation suffered so much under the Marcoses that no Filipino will ever vote for one again. Even history books have been written closely hewing to the Yellow thread.

And yet in 2010, Bongbong placed seventh in a race for 12 seats in the Senate, a national position. It was a race Bongbong was not supposed to win, given all that had been said against him and his family. Why, he even placed higher than some of the most rabid anti-Marcos personalities, most notably Serge Osmeña, an actual Marcos martial law political arrest victim, who managed to place only tenth.

The 2010 election was an election Bongbong was not supposed to win most especially because running for president at the head of the Yellow Army was Noynoy Aquino whose parents were the archenemies of the Marcoses. A Marcos must never ever win an election in which an Aquino is running for president, especially for a national position in a nation that the Aquino-led Yellow Army insists was a nation raped and violated by the Marcoses.

But Marcos not only won, he won convincingly at seventh place. Then 2016 came. Bongbong decided to seek the vice presidency. It was an election where the same hateful campaign against the Marcoses was repeated, this time with even more virulence because of the Bongbong win in 2010. And while Bongbong did lose in the count he lost by a mere two-hundred thousand-plus votes, the population of four mid-sized towns.

Had I been Bongbong and, therefore, a Marcos, a two-hundred thousand-plus difference was not a loss. Given everything and the kitchen sink thrown at me and Leni can do no better than survive on the population of four towns is to me a resounding win if the true nuance of winning applies. Had I been Bongbong and, therefore, a Marcos, and you scrape through only by the skin of your teeth, then for shame, what an unaccepting real loser you are.


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